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The 3 BEST top of the range bike stands to turn you into a PRO!

We’re big fans of the higher end indoor trainers – we say you can never go wrong with the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine or even the cheaper but still mightily impressive CycleOps Fluid 2 – but if you really want to improve your training and take it to the next level, you’ll want to get your hands on one of the three bike trainers listed below.

None of them are going to come cheap, but if your budget is big, then you can be rest assured that the technology and features that come bundled with each of the trainers (we’re talking venturing into the world of virtual training!) are also going to be BIG (and worth every dime).

Let’s have a quick review of the three very best bike trainers your dollars can buy…

Your addiction to direct drive training starts here: the Tacx NEO 2T

TacxNeo2reviewThe Tacx Neo 2T smart trainer will keep you in great shape whatever the season, of that there’s no question!

This updated version of the formidable Tacx Neo 2 includes some excellent improvements, namely a redesigned engine (with stronger magnets to enhance the torque), ensuring you one of the greatest rides you’ll ever have on an indoor trainer – yes, you’ll notice the smoothness on the climbs, and even feel those planks when riding across ’em in Zwift! And yes, it still reaches 2200 watts (+/- 1%) of power and up to 25% inclines!

Easy to setup out of the box, the improved axle compatibility ensures it’s compatibility with a wide range of bikes. It also remains compatible with Shimano and SRAM 8-12 speed cassettes (bear in mind this trainer doesn’t come with a cassette).

The Tacx Neo 2T also includes ANT+ Cycling Dynamics in the firmware, enabling you to use third-party software to really monitor your output. Even better is its compatibility with ANT+, FE-C, and Bluetooth, to ensure you can use almost any of the cycling apps out there – make full use of the road-feel feature as it gets the most out of these apps; seriously, you can expect to be wowed when riding across brick roads or wooden planks!

And if you were worried about this baby making too much noise – because let’s face it, some trainers do have an annoying hum – it seems to average out at 56-57 decibels when riding at 20mph, meaning your partner or neighbors won’t be driven insane by an intrusive hummmmm. This is one quiet trainer!

The Tacx NEO 2T will set you back around $1300 – $1400, but is up there at the very top of indoor trainers, and can be seen as a true investment in your winter training (if you need to convince the wife or partner…). It also comes with a front wheel block, power cable, quick-release skewer, thru-axle skewer, axle adapters for 130mm QR, 135mm QR, 12 x 142mm thru-axle, 12 x 142mm Boost, and 1 month Tacx Premium software. And to top it off, don’t forget that 2 year warranty from Tacx!

Click here for the very best price on Amazon for this Tacx NEO wonder!

The virtually awesome BKool Pro Turbo Trainer!

bkool pro trainerWe took a good look at the BKool Pro trainer a while ago, and were just as impressed then as we are today!

The fun you’re likely to have with this trainer and its awesome FREE simulator make this an excellent option to consider. The ability to connect up with your tablet or laptop and enjoy a whole ton of videos and sessions, solo or with your friends, is pretty darned hard to beat (there are over 50,000 riders worldwide on the BKool system)! Best of all, the simulator is free to download from the Bkool website and is suitable for both Windows and Mac computers, as well as iPad and Android tablets.

This Pro trainer from BKool is actually an improvement on their Classic model, which means you get a quieter more stable trainer, but also a in-built cadence system that eliminates the need for an external device. And the electromagnetic braking system is a definite winner in our eyes, as it ensures the Bkool software controls your resistance, which can be especially useful when climbing hills.

Setting up is a doddle; you replace the rear skewer in your wheel (as per any decent trainer these days), and then pop it on the trainer (which also comes with a front wheel support). You’ll then need to register on the Bkool website, download the simulator, plug in the trainer and connect with your supplied ANT and USB.

The Bkool software and trainer wirelessly communicate with each other via your included USB; this ensures your ride data (your cadence and power) is tracked and used to gauge just how much the resistance levels need to be adjusted according to the route you selected. Clever stuff!

It’s also a powerful beast, with the ability to power up 1200W of energy on a progressive curve. That power, and the awesome resistance control, makes it feel like you really are out on the road. There are also over 500 video routes in the BKool system, with more apparently added daily – by the way, the recently added free video editor software lets users create their own route!

You’re not going to get much change from $700, but for value, this has to be one of the best options out there, especially if you’re looking to get your hands on a virtual training system. There is a basic subscription plan available once you sign up (for free), or you can pay for a Premium plan, which gives you some impressive options.

Click here for the very best price on Amazon for this BKool trainer! As it’s currently UNAVAILABLE, we’d suggest trying one of these awesome trainers!

Here’s a quick taster from YouTube

The Elite Real Axiom Trainer

elite real axiom reviewThe Elite Real Axiom trainer has been around for a few years now, but has been gaining a seriously good reputation with some seriously good upgrades over the years!

Another trainer that specializes in smart communications with your computer, the Elite Real Axiom enables you to get a glimpse into some serious real-world conditions on a variety of courses, mainly thanks to its computer controlled resistance (which adjusts per course and rider input). Race against a real human cyclist on your LAN, or alternatively try racing against a virtual competitor if you can’t find anybody online.

You can choose from 14 preset courses while there’s also a 4-week training program – you can also create your own custom courses! You also get to view personal ride stats, including speed, distance, ride time, cadence, heart rate and power output, and you can store them for your own training history, making those indoor sessions a lot more fun, which is what we think it should really be about.

The trainer comes with 2 DVDs; one of the Limoges climb from the 2004 Tour de France and the 2004 Verona World Championship course, both of which are synched with the resistance you create on the trainer to make it feel as if you’re really cycling the route. In addition, it comes with the My RealVideo app, which lets you record your own routes, and upload them to share and compete with other riders!

One thing we have to note about the Elite Real Axiom is that it is Italian made, and although support is good, there might be the odd language barrier problem to face, if you ever have any issues with your trainer. What is also a little disappointing is the lack of online guides and forums.

However, if you can get past that, this trainer is probably the best value of all the virtual trainers we’ve come across – typically selling at around $650 – and should probably be your preferred choice for kick-starting your virtual cycling career!

Click here for the very best price on Amazon for this Elite smart trainer! As it’s currently UNAVAILABLE, we’d suggest trying their amazing new Elite Direto 2 smart trainer – this direct drive trainer is a beast!

Here’s a quick taster of what to expect from the Elite Real Axiom trainer on YouTube

In Summary…

If you’re looking to enhance your winter training, any one of the three trainers above will take your training to the next level.

If it’s a question of price, I would have to go with the Elite Real Axiom, but if money isn’t an issue and you’re looking for something top-notch, go for the Tacx Neo 2T.

Oh boy, are you going to start enjoying those training sessions!

THREE things you really need to consider before splashing out on a bike trainer stand…

buying stationary bike standOK, before you go and splash that hard-earned cash of yours on the first stationary bike trainer that catches your eye, we’ll have to point out that there are some serious factors that really need to be considered before you open that wallet. We’ve whittled the list down to THREE, but each of them will have some serious impact on the trainer you end up choosing…

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Define Your Goals

The first thing you really need to consider is what exactly are you aiming to get from buying a stationary bike stand?

Are you looking to recover from an injury that has left you physically sidelined for a while? Do you intend to use a trainer to lose weight? Or are you simply a semi-serious/professional cyclist looking to stay in form over the winter months when you can’t squeeze those calorie-burning sessions in between snow showers?

Whatever your goals, there’s typically a stationary bike stand ideal for your purposes; check out our introduction to the different types on the market.

How Much Time Will You Be Devoting?

The next thing to consider is just how much time will you be spending on your new bike stand? Just how often will you be squeezing in a training session? If you’re looking to clock some serious mileage, then we’d highly recommend quality over cheap and cheerful any day of the week (take a look at the CycleOps Fluid 2 or the Kurt Kinetic Rock n Roll trainer as two very excellent options; see other high-end models here). If it’s a once a week thing, then you could probably get away with a more budget-friendly trainer (depending, of course, on what exactly that once a week “thing” means…).

What Is Your Budget?

The final deciding factor has to be your budget. There’s really no point in going above and beyond that budget if you’re not totally convinced by a trainer and your reasons for buying it (here are TEN reasons for buying it!)

The first two points above will have a determining factor on your budget, that’s for sure, so let them dictate the actual amount of money you’re willing to spend. Other factors like an unsupportive spouse or a hard-nosed bank manager will also play their part, but we won’t go into those for our own, ahem, reasons…

But yes, their are bike trainers for EVERY budget, you just have to make your decision and go with it, all the way!

Good Luck!

And don’t forget our comparison table for a quick overview of prices and features, hopefully it will help!

Here are another three critical factors to look at, especially if you’re serious about your training: ride-ability, durability, and repeatability.

Another great value bike stand: the Sportneer Magnetic trainer!

sportneer magnetic trainerThere are a LOT of indoor bike trainers available on the market these days – and we’ve covered MANY of them on this site – and figuring out which one is best for your training program and pocket is always a tough task…however, with bike trainers like the Sportneer Magnetic Stand around, things get a whole lot easier!

There are a lot of things we can say about this trainer, but perhaps the best way to start is the fact that the Sportneer magnetic trainer will give you all the reasons to get up and get those muscles working again, whatever the weather’s throwing at you outside!

Coupled with the fact that it comes in at well under $100 (but not quite cheap enough to make our super-value under $80 trainer list), this is one trainer to definitely add to your shortlist.

Click here for the latest reviews & discounts on this Sportneer trainer!

Why we were impressed with the Sportneer magnetic trainer

It’s so comfortable to use! The resistance settings have multiple options (6 of them in fact!) so you can just choose which one you’re most comfortable with. Plus, this is one quiet bike trainer.

With a variety of resistance settings, you can choose to burn calories or get yourself ready for biking up hills and mountains, when the spring comes around again. The resistance curve really does cover pretty much all cycling conditions.

This trainer stand also features a wide base and low stance that just works exceedingly well. See, one of the biggest problems most people have with stationary bike trainers is that their base is either too narrow or their stance is at a ridiculous height. The Sportneer trainer has made sure it is comfortable enough for everybody. And because it has rubber feet, it can be as stable as it can get. No need to worry about accidentally damaging the floors or not being able to have a decent session because of a wobbly set of feet.

Among the best features of the Sportneer Steel Bicycle include its great compatibility with a lot of bikes. This gem can fit any typical road bike and an array of mountain bikes with 26 to 28 inch wheels.

And if you’re ready to actually hit the outdoors, releasing your bike from this bike trainer won’t be a hassle. It is literally as easy pressing down a lever clamp. Then you’re good to go!

Even more reasons to fall in love with this trainer…

This trainer from Sportneer, which is made from a combination of steel, ABS, and rubber, is also supremely helpful in training you for various cycling conditions with its six resistance settings. These settings will ensure you can be completely comfortable while giving you the option to push yourself out of your comfort zone and really see what you’re capable of.

Plus, shifting between the tension regulators is pretty easy as well. You don’t have to halt the momentum to adjust because even while riding, a tension regulator can be attached to the handles of your bike, which means you can change between resistance settings even while hitting the pedals.

The extended size of this product is at 22 x 22 x 15.5 inches. Even better, it’s foldable, with a folded size of 22 x 18 x 6 inches. This makes travelling with the Sportneer magnetic trainer effortless (or storing it away if you have limited space at home)!

If that’s not enough, this trainer is also available in red and black, just to spoil you even further!

Finally, if you’re looking for even more value, this trainer comes with the bike trainer stand itself, one front wheel block, one resistance remote, and a rear skewer for easier setup. Considering the fact that a front wheel block can cost at least $20, this is one sweet package!

And just to wrap it all up in one minute, here’s a great little video that shows the Sportneer trainer in motion…

What we didn’t like about this Sportneer trainer

Similar to any other trainer in this price range, there are things you need to consider with this one. First off, you may want to note that the instructions it comes with can be a bit vague, so YouTube is probably going to be your friend in this case.

Also, while we mentioned this product is a pretty silent bike trainer, that doesn’t mean it’s 100% noiseless. Noise reduction is totally different from complete quiet! Which is to say, if you’re planning to do some full-on training, you might wanna do it in daytime. As someone mentioned on Amazon: “I live on the 2nd floor and the neighbors below me can definitely hear it. It’s not much louder than a vacuum, but too loud for 6 am.”

Of course, this is applicable to almost every trainer out there, and why we always recommend buying a trainer tire AND a trainer mat.

In summary…

Overall, the Sportneer Magnetic trainer is a wise purchase if your goal is to be able to train even when at home and if you want to improve your cycling stamina and core-strength for the spring cycling season. Typically priced at around $90 and with a front wheel block included, this is definitely a value-packed trainer that should be in your man cave through the off-season!

sportneer magnetic trainer

And yes, the Sportneer has made it onto our Best Trainers of 2020 list!

Continuing the legend: the Kinetic Road Machine Smart trainer!

KineticRoadMachineSmartTrainerThe guys at Kurt Kinetic have long known what they’re doing, and the latest edition to hit the bike shops is this awesome smart version of their legendary Road Machine (which we previously reviewed here).

The Kinetic Road Machine smart trainer combines the latest technology with good old fashioned engineering. The solid base gives a feeling of stability, while the front end apps put you into a virtual world where you’ll feel like you’re really out there on the open road! For its price – which is still very decent for a top-level smart trainer at under $300 – the Road Machine Smart trainer will provide you the advantages of much more expensive monitoring devices, as well as a real road feel.

Click HERE for the latest reviews & discounts for the Kinetic Road Machine smart trainer!

So, what’s to like about the Kinetic Road Machine Smart?

Kurt Kinetic pride themselves on the quality of their frames, and as a result, it probably won’t surprise you to know that they regularly feature in our Top Trainers bestseller list. If anything, they say they are happy to have their trainers described as “over engineered”. Bless ’em!

The base of the Road Machine Smart trainer is certainly impressively put together. It has a very solid feel, as if it’s going to cope with more than you could ever give it. But all physical elements in this trainer have a chunky, solid feel about them. The design is based on a bright green, white and black color scheme which is unapologetic about being fit for purpose. The adjustment bolts have easy to grip, rubberized knobs which add to the feeling the trainer gives of putting you in control.

The frame itself is made from powder-coated steel, completed with super-strong welds at the joints of the down struts and rotor holder. The three supporting points are in solid black plastic so no worries about damaging any smooth floor surfaces. The angled design means the trainer will not slip or move during use.

Overall, the trainer’s frame oozes strength and the capability to cope with any training regime you put it through.

Those Moving Parts – engineering at its finest!

The Kinetic resistance rotor unit is also an impressive looking piece of kit. Again, secured by an ergonomically useful adjuster, the unit is a highly engineered mix of precision steel and aluminum. The flywheel is an impressive 6.25 pounds in weight.

But it’s inside the trainer unit where it gets really clever. This is where the liquid resistance dictates the sort of ride you get. As with other such trainers, this actual piece of machinery is largely unseen, which is probably just as well. At the end of the day, all we want from our trainers is that they work properly, right?

Located underneath the revolving metal moving parts is a black box which houses all the Bluetooth and Kinetic inRide technology. Basically, the Bluetooth picks up the signal from your smart device and tells the inRide system how much resistance to apply. As with the rest of this impressive looking machine, all this tech is safely housed inside something which looks impossible to break!

Smart Tech!

KurtKineticSmarttabletsThe Kinetic Road Machine Smart trainer comes with a training program as standard – a free month’s subscription to the makers’ Kinetic Fit power training app. This is worth having anyway, whether you are an experienced user of indoor trainers or not. If this is your first trainer, Kinetic Fit will give you a good idea of what you can expect, and a feel for how to actually use your trainer.

Certainly, the Kinetic Fit app which comes with this trainer works fine. It works with the trainer to replicate conditions you would experience actually riding a bike, including inertia when pulling away. The heavy flywheel is particularly good for this.

And yep, a major selling point for this trainer is its future proofing. It is compatible with proprietary apps including FulGaz, KinoMap Trainer, Rouvy, TrainerRoad and Zwift. As the trainer measures your cadence, distance traveled, power applied and speed, these apps have the potential for fine tuning in an awful lot of ways. Check out our upcoming guide to smart apps for your indoor training!

Kinetic Road Machine Smart – the Technical Specs

OK, so this trainer comes with some excellently engineered elements, and its ability to take your indoor training some years into the future is also a deal-clincher, at least in our opinion. In summary:

  • Zwift (and other apps) compatible
  • Measures cadence, distance, power and speed
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity
  • 6.25 pound flywheel
  • High quality steel roller
  • Rubber over-molded ABS plastic control fittings
  • Compatible with 24″ to 700 cc to 29″ mountain bike wheels
  • Free 1-month subscription to the Kinetic Fit app
  • Lifetime frame warranty
  • 2 year warranty on inRide sensor

Something to consider…

Just one thing, really. This is the upgraded, smart version of what was already a great trainer. And with new technology does come teething problems. Some have experienced issues with the “smart” parts, namely the app and its connectivity, and if you’re an Android user you might have some issues. The makers say they’re working on these technical glitches, and you may have better results if you use Apple.

Just so you know, they have recently released an even more updated smart version of this trainer, with a plug-in smart control feature, well worth considering! More details HERE.

You might also want to consider the Kinetic trainer mat to complement your training sessions – well worth purchasing, if you want to protect your bike and floor!

So, is the Kinetic Road Machine Smart trainer worth splashing the cash on?

This smart trainer is excellent value considering the smart elements that will help future-proof your training. It comes with the engineering expertise from Kurt Kinetic, meaning you’re getting a very sturdy, superbly engineered machine. The rotor and fluid resistance unit are excellent, and mirror real world cycling, something that many of us cyclists are always craving throughout the winter months. It really does have the strength to put up with your toughest workout.

All in all, a very robust and responsive power trainer. Recommended!

The 5 BEST bike trainer mats to ramp up your training & help reduce noise

If you train indoors, there are more than a few good reasons why you should buy a bike trainer mat.

They might seem a bit redundant at first, but trust us, once you own one you won’t look back! Primarily, they give you stability and help reduce sweaty odors and stains on your floor; but the number one reason you’re going to want one is that they greatly reduce the noise all bike trainers inevitably make. If you live with or above other people, they will be the first to thank you for investing in a trainer mat. Seriously.

And yep, stop looking at yoga mats as an option, they’re just not tough enough for most trainers and decent training sessions.

We took a look at some of the leading bike trainer mats on the market for you…

cycleops training matCycleOps Training Mat

At 65” long by 36” wide, this is quite a small mat (it’s actually the smallest on this list), but should be big enough for most indoor training needs. It is made of tough rubber, which is only 4 mm thick but very dense. This makes it easy to roll up after use but provides plenty of sturdiness and weight when laid out.

The mat is waterproof, so you can clean the sweat and grime off when you’ve finished with it. The rubber base also anchors the mat to the floor, even hardwood, which keeps your trainer in place during your workout.

A very solid trainer mat, typically priced at around $60 – and the perfect accompaniment to the CycleOps Fluid 2 trainer. For more info and an up-to-date price check, click here.

Kinetic Training Mat

Kinetic Training MatThis mat comes in at a whopping 72” long by 36” wide and is a well made product from a trusted name (we might have mentioned it before, but we love Kinetic’s trainers, such as the newly released smart versions of the Road Machine and the Rock n Roll trainers).

Its rubber structure is smooth on the underside to keep it in place during training but textured on top to hold drops of sweat and items of bike grime. As this is also rubber, it does not absorb anything, but will need some cleaning after use.

The size of the mat means it absorbs noise over a larger floor area, as well as being able to cope with the very biggest trainers. Of course, you will need the requisite floor space.

Typically priced at just over $60, this is a quality option. For more info and an up-to-date price check, click here. See our review here.

ascent resistance matAscent Resistance Training Mat

Even bigger than the Kinetic training mat mentioned above, this training mat from Ascent measures a huge 78” by 36”. It will easily hold your bike and any trainer and provide your floor with a lot of protection over a large area.

It is made of synthetic material, with the upper surface designed to hold on to sweat and grime. The large area of the mat also absorbs a lot of sound.

If you use cleats, the surface can seem a bit fragile, as if it might puncture or tear when you walk on it. Training frames and wheels should be fine, however.

This one comes in at around $40, so is very budget-friendly. For more info and an up-to-date price check, click here.

Tacx Rollable Trainer Mat

TacxTrainerMatThis trainer mat from Tacx is based around foam, and supported by other various materials. Its mixture is designed to cope with a lot of those nasty and less nasty fluids from your training session, but is till washable.

It is slightly narrower than other mats, at 33.5” wide, but covers 69” in length. It is slightly deeper than other mats, at 6 mm, but will still roll up fairly easily for storage.

To be clear, this trainer mat is mainly designed to deal with sweat and water spills, rather than reducing the noise of your training session. This is largely because of its foam-based mixture which is not as dense as rubber mats, hence letting more noise through. This mat is ideal if you only train occasionally, and not too heavily.

Coming in at around $80, this is probably only for Tacx fans. For more info and an up-to-date price check, click here.

Wahoo KICKR Multi-Purpose Floor Mat

wahookickrtrainermatThe Wahoo KICKR is another large training mat, measuring 78” long by 36” wide. It has a pretty tough surface, designed to hold lots of training related fluids and spills. In fact, the surface gives a little when you walk on it, making it feel more like a traditional mat than some others. It also has a beveled edge, which keeps the mat firmly attached to your floor covering, and hence ensuring very decent stability.

This extra depth makes the mat a bit bulky to store, although it is perfectly easy to clean after use. The mat is also at the expensive end of the scale, coming in at around just under $70.

But it is a quality option and favored by many pro cyclists for their indoor sessions. For more info and an up-to-date price check, click here.

In Summary…

All the above bike trainer mats are well designed and should help you train better – while keeping on friendly terms with housemates and neighbors! Our ultimate trainer mat of choice is probably the Kinetic trainer mat, though the CycleOps and Wahoo mats are also worth considering. Happy training!

The CycleOps (Saris) Fluid 2 trainer: one of the best in the business!

cycleops fluid 2 trainerAs highlighted throughout this site, I have tried and tested a few different bike trainers, but the CycleOps Fluid 2 Indoor Trainer (CycleOps is now rebranded under the Saris group, just so you know) is definitely one of the best stationary bike trainers I have ever tried (well, that is until I recently discovered the amazing CycleOps Silencer!).

For starters, this Cycleops bike trainer is one of the quietest trainers I’ve ever worked on! If you’ve ever used a lower-end bike trainer, you’ll be familiar with the annoying and sometimes deafening whirr they produce. You might save a bit on the cost, but your eardrums of your closest friends and family will suffer, trust me!

Click HERE for the latest Fluid 2 reviews & discounts on Amazon!

You don’t get such noise with the Cycleops Fluid 2 bike trainer. That’s important to me because I frequently train at night after work and don’t want to disturb the sleep of my wife and kids. Even when I’m pedaling my hardest, this bike trainer runs quietly. And yes, the low noise level even allows me to place the stationary trainer in my living room and train while my family watches television – good eh?!

It is such an unobtrusive presence that my kids are more likely to be disturbed by my panting and gasping (yes, I do try and burn some calories!) as I train than by any noise emitted by the trainer.

In addition, while no indoor bike trainer can ever fully capture the joy of outdoor riding, the Cycleops Fluid 2 Trainer comes closer than most with an extremely realistic cycling experience. When I first used the trainer, it became immediately apparent to me that the Cycleops designers (OK OK, the boys and girls from Saris) had put a massive amount of thought and effort into simulating outdoor cycling because the resistance provided by the trainer was extremely similar to that provided when out on the road. This allows me to practice my outdoor riding skills in the safety of my home while rain, snow or hail pours down outside.

Summary of the Fluid 2’s Main Features

Here’s a quick summary of the main features that might wow you:

  • New modern, sleek design, guaranteed to wow!
  • The Fluid 2 Trainer is one of the best ways to stay in great condition during the off season
  • A new larger flywheel delivers a true road-like experience, with twice the inertia (read all about the resistance technology from CycleOps here)
  • Power band technology means you have a wide resistance range to work with
  • An infinite resistance curve ensures increased wattage as you increase speed
  • The Fluid 2’s self-cooling mechanisms keep the unit performing better and for longer
  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
  • Dimensions: 23 x 22 x 7 inches, and it weighs 11.5 pounds

Pros and Cons of the Cycleops Fluid 2 Trainer

The only thing I didn’t like about this Cycleops bike trainer was the vague set-up instructions. I’ve never been a very hands-on person, so assembling the trainer gave me a real headache. This gave me an opportunity to experience Cycleops’ renowned customer service for myself. I called customer support for assistance on setting up the trainer and they were very forthcoming with advice. The patient and helpful customer support officer talked me through the product assembly step by step and with their guidance, the whole process took me only five minutes to complete. In short, the exemplary customer service more than made up for the slightly ambiguous set-up instructions.

After purchasing the Cycleops Fluid Indoor Bike Trainer a few months back, it has now become my training method of choice for rainy days. It allows me to keep my fitness level up in the off-season so that I’m raring to go once cycling season starts again.

Worth the high price tag?

Highly recommended, because despite that relatively high price tag (around $300), it really is one of the best in the business. It also makes our list of the Top 5 bike trainers for 2020, but it is serious competition for one of the top end choices included on that list, the Kinetic Kurt Rock n Roll Trainer. Alternatively, check out the awesome technology of the SuperMagneto Pro from CycleOps – it comes in at around $400, but is a great ride!

Click below to save yourself 10% on the regular price over on Amazon!

TEN cycling accessories any cycling fan will want in their Christmas stocking!

With Christmas on the way, it’s time to list some of those cycling accessories you or your loved one has been dreaming about recently!

We’ve come up with TEN awesome accessories that will squeeze into any Christmas stocking (well, almost!), but more importantly, will have any cycling fan beaming on Christmas morning. Ranging from must have accessories to complement any riding session, to the more luxurious, we’re sure you’ll find something to keep that cycling fan happy and that man cave expertly equipped!

christmas gifts cyclists

You may well have taken a peek at our list of five recommended stationary bike stands for Christmas – if not, it’s well worth a read! If budget isn’t an issue, check out these THREE trainers – the best money can buy. And if you’re limited budget-wise, check out our guide to the best indoor trainers for under $80.

In no particular order…

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch

polar heart monitor

For the cycling fan that wants to keep abreast of what’s going on inside their body, this heart rate monitor watch from Polar is wonderful! A graphic display lets you know if you’re burning fat or improving aerobic fitness, all during your real-time session. And of course, there’s a calorie counter too. All on your wrist! Expect to pay around $70-80, it’s not surprising this one has been very popular on Amazon.
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Post-training relief with the Travel Stick

travel stick the stick

If you’re tired of giving your partner massages after an intense training session – or just want to spoil them, since, you know, it is Christmas after all – then this amazing device is for them! This massage stick is designed specifically for committed athletes/cyclists – and their tired partners! And don’t let the relatively nondescript name fool you – this is one of the most innovative products to ever hit the sports market, and at around $25 is perfectly priced too!
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CatEye Strada Wireless Cycling Computer

cat eye strada 2016

Most, if not all of us, want to know how far we’ve cycled and just how much we’ve got out of the current session, but as well as all that, we also want access quickly and easily, especially in this generation of touch-screen technology. This wireless computer from CatEye fits the bill perfectly, with a touch screen interface and an amazing sensor that measures cadence, current speed, max speed, average speed, 2 trip distances, and elapsed time! It also fits on any handlebar or stem – and perhaps more importantly, is one of the best cycling computers out there for home trainers. Typically priced around $90.
Read more here

Kurt Kinetic Floor Mat

kinetic trainer mat

In our opinion, a good trainer mat is crucial for any indoor biking session. It might not be the sexiest Christmas present around, but they really do make a difference to the noise your stationary bike stand will make when you’re working up a steam AND they protect your floor from any scratches and wear and tear you’re likely to create. This one from Kurt Kinetic is a great looker, plus it’s very durable and rolls up nice and snug (to fit in that Christmas stocking!). Typically comes in at around the $60 mark and a perfect match for the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine and the Rock n Roller!
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Pearl iZumi Men’s All-Road II Cycling Shoe

Pearl iZumi Mens Shoes

Cycling shoes are another way to truly enhance your indoor (and outdoor) biking session. These shoes from Pearl iZumi are superb and incredibly light (they weigh just 370g). They are renowned for reducing pressure on your instep and  will give your foot much better overall support. Kind of vintage with its black leather look, this is a shoe very well made and one that you’ll love. Expect to pay around $90.
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Weather Resistant Smartphone Case

smartphone case

For those of you with a smartphone, notably the iPhone 5 (as well as other models of similar size), this superb little phone case sits perfectly on your bike. Our site is of course all about indoor biking, but the best thing about this case is that it’s totally weather proof coming with two Velcro straps, so you can also take it out and about! The clear window is made of clear polyurethane and enables you easy access to touch pad controls, letting you keep in touch with the office while you pedal away. Typically priced at under $20.
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Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves

Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves

Some of you might look at these and think yeh right, but compression leg sleeves are excellent for helping your legs and their blood circulation, and provide superb muscle support during training and recovery. Usually used by runners, these compression sleeves can really help you if you’re on long biking sessions, so we’d recommend them for the serious biker only, or those of you who suffer from sore calves easily (another great option for sore muscles is The Stick!). Priced around $40.
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Pearl iZumi Men’s Gloves

pearl izumi mens glove 2016

If you’re a serious cyclist, you’ll realize there’s nothing quite like a good pair of gloves to ease the pain of a long session on your hands. These machine washable gloves from Pearl Izumi are just the job. The gel padding helps take the sting out of your bike’s vibrations, so even on those long indoor sessions you’ll find them very useful. Recommended to go for a large size as they can feel small on largish hands. Usually priced at around $30.
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Pearl iZumi Mens Cycling Shorts

pearl izumi mens cycling shorts

We were always dead set against those slinky cycling shorts when we first started, but after getting convinced by friends, can definitely recommend a GREAT pair of cycling shorts to really enhance your bike workout: the Pearl iZumi Men’s Cycling shorts. It might sound technical but check this feature list out: six-panel anatomic design, silicone leg grippers, reflective elements for low-light visibility, and soft Select Transfer fabric with UPF 50+ sun protection PLUS superior moisture-soaking properties to keep you cool and dry. Expect to pay around $40-50.
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Camelbak Rogue Hydration Pack

camelbak hydration pack

For those of us cycling for any length of time or with any intensity, a hydration pack is always a superb option to have in your training arsenal. This awesome Rogue model has a 2L reservoir which can be refilled on the fly via the quick-release flap on the front of the pack. It comes in a variety of colors, and the straps are easily adjusted, so could be perfect for the he/she/child cyclist. There are also two external pockets where you can add small items like your keys or wallet. Typically will set you back around $60-70.
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We hope this little list will brighten up Christmas for you and your cycle-mad loved ones!

Happy Christmas!