TEN awesome reasons why you need a stationary bike stand

Kurt Kinetic Road Trainer ReviewIf you’re still not sure why exactly you need a stationary indoor bike stand, here are TEN awesome reasons why you should be looking at one to supplement your training regime.

In no particular order:

  • A stationary bike stand can do a superb job of simulating your cycling experience. Depending on the model you choose, you really can push your experience (and stamina) to the limits, with levels of resistance to choose from on many models…
  • They offer tremendous value, since you don’t have to purchase a brand new training bike or one of those fancy indoor exercise bikes. Starting out at under $100, a stationary bike stand can really offer great value.
  • A stationary stand can provide you with awesome flexibility as you can choose when and where to exercise. Day or night, you can set your program as you wish, and yes, pretty much every stand out there can be moved as required. No more depending on the weather for a workout!
  • If your bike ever breaks down while training indoors, or you get injured, you won’t have far to go to get back home…
  • A stationary bike stand can be the perfect way to help injured riders rehabilitate. With the training schedule in your hands, recovery can be set at an easy pace, or whatever pace is required. Feel the pain? Just stop and relax – you’re at home!
  • They are also perfect for testing out new tweaks and adjustments you might have made recently to your bike. Need to tweak some more? Stop, tweak, and start riding again!
  • Watch DVDs while you train! One of the ultimate ways to get the best out of your training session is to enhance your training environment, and by enhancing, we mean going all out! How about watching some of the awesome training DVDs out there, such as the one we highlighted here. Alternatively, go for any blockbuster that grabs your fancy – and that will motivate you!
  • A stationary bike stand will eradicate those clashes with inconsiderate drivers out there. No more road rage to tackle, or even those annoying Sunday drivers.
  • If you’re a beginner, a stationary bike stand can enable you to get to grips with your bike before hitting the open road. It should save some bumps and bruises, and get you looking professional. OK, at least semi-professional.
  • Whatever your level of fitness and expertise, a stationary bike stand will help cyclists build their cardio fitness, as well as enhance speed and strength, while enabling any rider to refine their technique and riding strategy.

And while we’ve still got you, don’t miss the THREE things you really have to consider when buying a trainer.

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