Massage those post-training muscles with the amazing Travel Stick!

The Stick MassageI think we all want to challenge ourselves and get those muscles burning. At least I know I do.

However, frequent and vigorous cycling sessions can take their toll on your body – if you’ve ever spent a whole day limping around because of a cycling-induced calf or hamstring ache, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. I used to spend a great deal of money getting sports massages – until I came across “The Stick”, a massage stick designed specifically for committed athletes. Don’t let the relatively nondescript name fool you – this is one of the most innovative products to ever hit the sports market!

Most massage sticks force you to compromise. If you want a portable one, you have to accept that it’s not going to be long enough for effective body massages. If you want a long one, you’re not going to be able to pack it with you for cycling races. With The Stick, your satisfaction is non-compromisable. The product comes in a stunning 7 different sizes, each suitable for a specific function.

The 17.5″ model is perfect for traveling and will fit nicely into most gym bags. The 26.5″ one is long enough to provide effective relief from back and neck pains. You can also choose the flexibility of your stick – flexible ones are less painful, but stiff ones really are recommended if you want to ease out particularly stubborn knots in muscles.

If you need more than one of these functions, you can just get two sticks – it’s very reasonably priced (the smallest size starts at just under $20) and the health and performance benefits are well worth the investment. For an all-purpose option, pick the Original Stick – that’s the one I tested and I was suitably impressed!

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That’s not all The Stick has going for it, however. The crucial test for any massage stick is it’s physiological effects, and in that regard The Stick is truly industry-leading. The Stick is fitted with round plastic rings that do a good job of alleviating crippling muscle aches which can lead to long-term injuries.

Here’s a tip if you really want to get the best out of this awesome little massage device: use The Stick right after your cycling workout instead of the next day when your muscles are already sore. Muscle soreness is caused by the lactic acid that pools in your muscles after grueling exercise, so by pushing the action out of your muscles, this massage stick prevents the soreness in the first place. Moreover, it’s a lot more pleasant giving yourself a hard massage right after your workout than the next day when your muscles are stiff and painful!

On the whole, this is one of the most effective massage sticks I’ve ever used – it allowed me to train harder and more frequently than before. And budgetary wise it’s also saved me hundreds of dollars on massages that I would have invested in…

But beware – buying this product isn’t a license to go crazy with your workouts. You still need to train smart and listen to your body to prevent injury. However, with The Stick, your post-workout recovery will be significantly enhanced and your chances of muscle aches and pains greatly reduced.

Do some research, see which of the various models suits your needs best and buy one (click on the pic above to see which one suits your needs). Your body will thank you for it.

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