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If you’re looking for an indoor trainer, look for one with ride-ability, durability, and repeatability

We previously spoke about the three considerations you need to look at when buying an indoor trainer (notably your goals, your time available, and your budget), but here are another three factors that are also critical: ride-ability, durability, and repeatability. To cut a long story short, we’ll break it down into quick bite-sized morsels: Ride-ability is the replication of that …

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The cycling season starts when…? (CARTOON)

Of course, if you’re looking to buy a stationary bike stand, it doesn’t matter when the season starts! It might be the height of summer when you read this, or deep into winter, it really doesn’t make a difference. Because whenever you set up your stand, the weather can do whatever it likes! You’ll be safe at home/in the office, getting your training session …

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