The Kinetic Kurt Trainer Mat: the ultimate noise canceler!

OK, so you’ve gone and purchased that spanking new bike trainer, well done! Now all you’ve got to do is set it up, crank up your training program and you’re away!

kurt kinetic floor mat

If you really want to upgrade your sessions, protect your bike AND be a little considerate to friends and family, then a bike trainer mat has to be on your checklist – and perhaps the ultimate bike trainer mat, the Kinetic Kurt Trainer Mat, should be the one that you splash the cash on. We’re here to tell you why.

There are cheaper training mats out there, that’s perfectly clear (we featured some of them in our wrap up of the very best training mats), but the Kinetic Kurt Trainer Mat is a high-quality piece of gear that will truly upgrade your indoor training.

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OK, so why buy the Kinetic Kurt Trainer Mat?

The Kinetic Kurt Trainer Mat is a half-inch thick, heavy-duty mat that you place underneath your stationary bike stand to reduce noise and vibrations. It provides a flexible yet steady base that will keep your trainer firmly in position – no more sudden slipping! If you have a hardwood or glossy floor, the mat is perfect for preventing the trainer from sliding and marking the floor. We noticed it’s also thick enough to provide sufficient cover for rough or uneven surfaces that can cause the trainer to wobble.

The weight of your trainer might leave some indentations on the mat, but thanks to its durability, this training mat will not tear easily. Made of closed-cell PVC foam with a textured finish on the top and smooth on the bottom, the smooth underside of the mat gives great traction and stability for whatever flooring your training sessions take place on (even on carpets, although you may notice a slightly less even surface).

The Kinetic Kurt Trainer Mat is also great for retaining oil and sweat that might drip onto the mat while you train, mainly because the textured surface is slightly absorbent. It’s super easy to clean: you can hose it down, use soap to remove clinging dirt and oil stains, or you can just shake off any small debris from its surface.

Kurt Kinetic Trainer Mat dimensions

When tightly rolled, the mat has a diameter of about eight inches so you can easily store it in a closet. Thanks to its durable build, it keeps its form without creasing when properly stored. Note that if you use it over your carpet, you should probably clean up oil stains before rolling it since the oil can cling to the smooth underside and stain your carpet next time you roll the mat out.

The Kinetic Kurt Trainer Mat is 79 inches long and 36.5 inches wide, making it suitable for most rollers and trainers (but probably a match made in heaven for the Kurt Kinetic Rock ‘n Roller). It covers uneven floors to give a stable and steady base for your trainer, and reduces noise and vibration that can disturb other people in the house.

No matter how hard you work out, the mat keeps your trainer firmly in place and prevents grime and debris from damaging your floor. For those of us with partners or family, this can be critical for everyone’s sanity!

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