Ramp up your training with the Kurt Kinetic Z Rollers trainer

If you’re looking to really take your training program to the next level, investing in the Kurt Kinetic Z Rollers trainer will undoubtedly help you get there! Seriously, these rollers are the business, and will have you looking like a cycling pro with some awesome bike handling skills! And on top of that, watch out for the improvements in your cycling form and pedaling efficiency!

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Of course, many cyclists often dismiss the idea of roller trainers, largely because they do require some time to get to grips with, and need plenty of concentration (they are hard to master, as you can see in this video!)! For beginners, they might just be out of your range – instead, try one of these great value trainers.

But for those of you really looking to get serious about your cycling, rollers really are a superb option – and the Z roller from Kinetic (Kinetic are also responsible for the long-standing fave Road Machine and newly updated, but still very realistic, Rock n Roll trainer) is the perfect way to get rollin’ with your training sessions!

So why buy the Kinetic Z Roller Trainer?

The Kinetic Z Roller is perhaps the creme de la creme of roller trainers out there. Let’s tell you a little bit more about them to convince you that they should be fast-tracked to your bucket-list!

The Z Roller gets its name from its awesome capability to foldup – it folds easily and quickly at two points, just like the letter Z. Two hinges are attached on each side of the frame to create the twofold cut; when folded the Z Roller becomes super portable and very easy to transport around, unlike many other rollers on the market. Just so you know, when folded the Z Roller has a height of just 8.8 inches, which can easily fit under the bed or inside any closet.

The following video from the guys at Kinetic shows just how easy it is to fold up – as well as giving you a quick glimpse into the reasons Kinetic designed this roller trainer.

Setting up the roller is also dead easy, all you have to do is to flip the two ends out and make sure that the four feet along each side are flat on the floor (they help make it very stable). You can lessen the vibration caused by the roller and protect your floor if you set the roller on a training mat like the Kinetic Training Mat that is made up of closed-cell PVC foam. Reducing the vibration will prove beneficial in the long term since it minimizes wear on the rollers.

As with any roller trainer, you have to make sure that the wheels of the bike are in the middle of the rollers to get a smooth and even feel when you start pedaling. If keeping steady is difficult when you start using the roller, we’d advise you to set it up close to the doorway or to a wall, which you can use to brace yourself while finding your balance. We’ve shown you before, those rollers aren’t easy to master!

The aluminum drums and steel bearings of the Kinetic Z roller will give you a smooth and almost noiseless performance. But yes, you really need to focus on your pedaling while looking straight ahead, obviously the same as when you ride your bike outdoors; once you have gained confidence in using it and can keep a steady balance, you can move away from the wall and start working on the cadence of your pedaling. You will quickly notice that as you increase your speed, your balance improves and your ride feels more stable.

You could even go pro-like with even more practice, which the Z Roller can certainly assist you with; learning how to ride handsfree ensures that your balance is at its optimum (not at all easy by the way, especially on rollers) and hopefully within a few sessions you can even multi-task, such as taking something out of your backpack.

Some of the Z Rollers main features

  • The Kinetic Z Roller comes with THREE precision-machined aluminum rollers (3.5 inches x 14.7 inches in size), and is 11.5 inches high.
  • The sturdy frame includes TWO hinges on both sides; in turn, this does not affect the steady support it provides.
  • The tri-fold design (hence the name Z Roller) reduces the roller to a compact 21 x 20 x 8.8 inches that makes it portable and easy to store. The two-point connection with the hinges does NOT affect the stability of the rollers.
  • It can be adjusted to fit bikes with a wheelbase from 38.2 to 43.3 inches.
  • Dual-grooved to enable left or right-side dismount.
  • An unconditional lifetime warranty from Kinetic; with careful handling, this roller will last a long time since the repair and replacement of parts from normal wear is covered by the warranty.

So what’s NOT to like about the Kinetic Z Rollers?

The only thing we’ve seen that might be an issue for those of you who really enjoy intense training sessions is that it’s not easy to get some intense resistance. We’re talking reaching peaks of 350-400 watts for 20+ minutes, something that probably isn’t going to trouble the majority of you out there anyway (no offence meant!).

If it’s a question of building up your stamina and endurance, then this baby is for you, but if you’re after those defining peaks in resistance, we’d have to say go for something like the CycleOps Fluid 2 trainer or the Rock n Roll trainer.

Bottom line: is it worth the money?

The Kinetic Z Rollers are going to make you look like a cycling pro, and, as long as you get to grips with the balance aspect, you’re going to be seeing that upgrade fairly quickly.

Rollers do take a bit of practice, without a doubt, but this awesome roller trainer from Kinetic is definitely the one that will have you rolling along with that certain air of gracefulness that some of those pros so easily show (but we’re not sure you’ll quite be ready for tricks like this!). You might not quite reach their skill level, but at least you’ll look like a pro!

Value for money? Look, they aren’t cheap little pieces of aluminum stitched together, these rollers are quality pieces of equipment. Quality work from a Kinetic, a quality brand, and almost guaranteed to get you looking like a quality cyclist! So yes, value for money, definitely!

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