How to setup your stationary bike stand (VIDEO)

Once you’ve gone and purchased one of the great awesome stationary bike trainers we’ve listed on this site, the next step is to set it up to hold your bike! An exciting moment!

Sometimes that excitement can be dulled a little, when you pull it off the box…and realize it doesn’t look as simple to set up as you thought!

But don’t worry, it IS fairly simple, and this is a great video to help you out. It also features one of the best bike trainers we really like, the Cycleops Fluid 2 Trainer.

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  1. Thanks for the video! I already used your website to pick the magnetic (under $80) bike trainer…I just got it. Thanks.

    My new trainer doesn’t come with the…skewer showed in your video. I imagine I can get one at my local bike shop; I will find out today.

    I will check in with you after returning and hopefully getting up and running (biking?)!!

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