The CycleOps sweat catcher: soak up your training & protect your bike!

After you’ve gone and splashed the cash on your ideal stationary bike stand, it’s time to start training – and that means putting in some serious effort and sweating like a true pro!

And yep, based on our own personal experience, we can guarantee that sweat will be dripping from almost every part of your body if you put in any kind of sustained effort on your trainer!

Of course, if the sweat is pouring off, your fitness program is well on course and you’ll be feeling the benefits of all that perspiration – BUT, in case you haven’t already twigged, all that sweat isn’t ideal for your bike…

And if you’re feeling extremely on the ball, you might be aware that all that sweat is going to contain a helluva lot of salt. That’s very corrosive salt, salt that is going to do some nasty things to your bike over time.

But never fear, we’ve got you (OK, to be more precise, your bike!) covered with the CycleOps Bike Thong Sweat Catcher!

There are a ton of cycling accessories out there of course, but the CycleOps Sweat Catcher is a superb addition to your training arsenal. Made of impressively strong terry cloth that absorbs the sweat dripping off of your body when on your bike trainer, this sweat catcher stops those beads of salty perspiration reaching the parts of your bike that might be susceptible to corrosion.

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Of course, that salty sweat you’ve been puffing and panting to create really doesn’t want to get in contact with your gears, your bike’s paint job, and other metal parts that can slowly rust and corrode thanks to the prolonged effects of salt. It doesn’t matter how well you clean your bike after each ride, salty sweat that comes in contact with the metal parts of your bike will cause some corrosion that will only get worse over time.

There are cheap and cheerful options, such as a towel, but this sweat catcher from CycleOps does it more efficiently. One of the big advantages with this sweat catcher is that you won’t need to wring out the moisture as you do with towels since the terry cloth material has the capacity to absorb and retain large amounts of moisture. And no matter how careful you are in fitting a towel to your seat, it can unravel while you are putting in some serious pedaling, and have the potential to cause you some serious problems.

The CycleOps Sweat Catcher comes with a velcro fastener that attaches firmly around the contours of your seat and handlebars. And for those of you who love your gadgets and accessories, the fitted pouch (which can be removed) enables you to store a variety of items, such as the TV remote when you are training indoors, your mobile phone, or a bottle of water.

For around only $20 this is a great little add-on to your training sessions that helps prevent that salty corrosive sweat reaching the parts of your bike you really don’t want it to reach…

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