The Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll Pivot Trainer: Realism supreme!

Kinetic Rock and Roll TrainerThe Kinetic Rock and Roll Trainer is well worth your time and consideration if you’re looking at the ultimate realistic indoor bike training session.

UPDATE: The Kinetic Rock n Roller also now comes in an awesome smart-tech version, well worth considering!

We’ve been fans of the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine ever since we purchased it some time ago, and this more advanced stationary bike stand from the Kurt Kinetic family is one we’ve been salivating about ever since we spotted it a few months back.

It’s not a cheap option, and is often advertised around the $500 mark, but that extra few dollars might just be the best $$$ you ever spent! Check out the video near the end of this article for some more convincing!

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Getting a feel for the road is almost impossible to replicate indoors, but this Rock and Roll Trainer is the closest you’re ever going to get. Really. No bull. This trainer has a unique side to side rocking action that simulates those long hill climbs and engages those muscles that no other stationary stand can reach!

I don’t think there’s any question that this stand will make you a more complete rider, especially during those off-road months.

This awesome trainer employs both a Road Resistance unit and a unique rolling frame to mimic the natural movement of riding out on the open road. And don’t worry about wondering whether or not the resistance will suit you – you can adjust it as you need to ensure you get the right rocking motion suited to your riding style. The frame itself is superbly built, as you’d expect from Kurt Kinetic, it’s made of stainless steel and is 6.35cm in diameter, which you’ll find is larger than pretty much all the stationary trainers we’ve ever come across.

The flywheel on this Kinetic Rock and Roll trainer is also one of the heaviest around, coming in at 6.25 pounds (2.84kg), which is what really helps give that authentic riding experience, as the momentum builds when you’re starting to gain some speed, maintaining that speed, and even slowing down. Read more about the amazing Kurt Kinetic resistance unit.

All in all, the basics you need for any training session indoors are also here: the stand is very smooth, very quiet, and easily folds away for easy storage.

Kinetic Turntable RingWe’d also mention it’s probably worth buying the Turntable Riser Ring from Kinetic (click here to see and buy), just to go all-out on the authentic riding experience. The movement offered by this rising ring will complete your indoor training session to a T!

So, do you get bang for your buck with the Kinetic Rock and Roll Trainer?

Well, if you’re serious about your cycling, and want to get the ultimate ride during the off-season, complete with the real riding to-and-fro motion, then this is the bike trainer stand for you. It does cost a fair bit, but from our own experience with Kurt Kinetic bike stands, we have no doubts at all as to the quality you’ll be getting with this one. And, of course, it makes our list of best bike stands for 2014.

There are plenty of happy reviewers online with this Kinetic Rock and Roll trainer, from beginners to the more serious cyclists, so yes, plenty of bang for your buck!


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