Another great value bike stand: the Sportneer Magnetic trainer!

sportneer magnetic trainerThere are a LOT of indoor bike trainers available on the market these days – and we’ve covered MANY of them on this site – and figuring out which one is best for your training program and pocket is always a tough task…however, with bike trainers like the Sportneer Magnetic Stand around, things get a whole lot easier!

There are a lot of things we can say about this trainer, but perhaps the best way to start is the fact that the Sportneer magnetic trainer will give you all the reasons to get up and get those muscles working again, whatever the weather’s throwing at you outside!

Coupled with the fact that it comes in at well under $100 (but not quite cheap enough to make our super-value under $80 trainer list), this is one trainer to definitely add to your shortlist.

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Why we were impressed with the Sportneer magnetic trainer

It’s so comfortable to use! The resistance settings have multiple options (6 of them in fact!) so you can just choose which one you’re most comfortable with. Plus, this is one quiet bike trainer.

With a variety of resistance settings, you can choose to burn calories or get yourself ready for biking up hills and mountains, when the spring comes around again. The resistance curve really does cover pretty much all cycling conditions.

This trainer stand also features a wide base and low stance that just works exceedingly well. See, one of the biggest problems most people have with stationary bike trainers is that their base is either too narrow or their stance is at a ridiculous height. The Sportneer trainer has made sure it is comfortable enough for everybody. And because it has rubber feet, it can be as stable as it can get. No need to worry about accidentally damaging the floors or not being able to have a decent session because of a wobbly set of feet.

Among the best features of the Sportneer Steel Bicycle include its great compatibility with a lot of bikes. This gem can fit any typical road bike and an array of mountain bikes with 26 to 28 inch wheels.

And if you’re ready to actually hit the outdoors, releasing your bike from this bike trainer won’t be a hassle. It is literally as easy pressing down a lever clamp. Then you’re good to go!

Even more reasons to fall in love with this trainer…

This trainer from Sportneer, which is made from a combination of steel, ABS, and rubber, is also supremely helpful in training you for various cycling conditions with its six resistance settings. These settings will ensure you can be completely comfortable while giving you the option to push yourself out of your comfort zone and really see what you’re capable of.

Plus, shifting between the tension regulators is pretty easy as well. You don’t have to halt the momentum to adjust because even while riding, a tension regulator can be attached to the handles of your bike, which means you can change between resistance settings even while hitting the pedals.

The extended size of this product is at 22 x 22 x 15.5 inches. Even better, it’s foldable, with a folded size of 22 x 18 x 6 inches. This makes travelling with the Sportneer magnetic trainer effortless (or storing it away if you have limited space at home)!

If that’s not enough, this trainer is also available in red and black, just to spoil you even further!

Finally, if you’re looking for even more value, this trainer comes with the bike trainer stand itself, one front wheel block, one resistance remote, and a rear skewer for easier setup. Considering the fact that a front wheel block can cost at least $20, this is one sweet package!

And just to wrap it all up in one minute, here’s a great little video that shows the Sportneer trainer in motion…

What we didn’t like about this Sportneer trainer

Similar to any other trainer in this price range, there are things you need to consider with this one. First off, you may want to note that the instructions it comes with can be a bit vague, so YouTube is probably going to be your friend in this case.

Also, while we mentioned this product is a pretty silent bike trainer, that doesn’t mean it’s 100% noiseless. Noise reduction is totally different from complete quiet! Which is to say, if you’re planning to do some full-on training, you might wanna do it in daytime. As someone mentioned on Amazon: “I live on the 2nd floor and the neighbors below me can definitely hear it. It’s not much louder than a vacuum, but too loud for 6 am.”

Of course, this is applicable to almost every trainer out there, and why we always recommend buying a trainer tire AND a trainer mat.

In summary…

Overall, the Sportneer Magnetic trainer is a wise purchase if your goal is to be able to train even when at home and if you want to improve your cycling stamina and core-strength for the spring cycling season. Typically priced at around $90 and with a front wheel block included, this is definitely a value-packed trainer that should be in your man cave through the off-season!

sportneer magnetic trainer

And yes, the Sportneer has made it onto our Best Trainers of 2020 list!

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