5 BEST Indoor Cycling Shoes to ramp up your indoor training sessions!

A pair of indoor cycling shoes might seem a little extravagant, seeing as you’re set up to go at home or in the office, and perhaps you don’t really need all that extra expense, but seriously, a pair of the right shoes will take your training session to the next level…I’m not going to tell you how many foot sores and sore leg muscles (eased a little by this amazing muscle stick) I suffered before realizing I needed some decent footwear!

So yes, if you’re cycling using plain old running shoes, stop! Cycling stresses your lower body in a very different way from running and you need footwear specifically designed to counteract that stress. Cycling shoes are an essential investment for any cyclist who takes their training and performance seriously, and in order to make your hunt for the perfect cycling shoes a little easier, I’ve compiled this list of the best cycling shoes out there for both men and women.

The Best Men’s Cycling Shoes

Pearl iZUMi Men’s All-Road II Cycling Shoe

Pearl iZumi Mens ShoesThese cycling shoes from Pearl manage to pack an incredible number of protective features into one impressively lightweight package. That’s mostly down to a very clever choice of materials on the designer’s part – the power plate, for example, is made out of carbon fiber and nylon, which are two very light materials that are nevertheless effective shock absorbers.

Like the women’s version (see below), these shoes feature Pearl staples such as a SELECT insole for longitudinal and transverse arch support and a closure mechanism designed for a secure and versatile fit to suit feet of all shapes. Little wonder these Pearl iZUMi cycling shoes are preferred by so many competitive cyclists! More details HERE.

Shimano 2014 Men’s All-Around Road Cycling Shoes

Shimano 2014 All-Around Road Cycling ShoesThese Shimano cycling shoes are not just designed for maximum protection, but maximum performance as well. The base of the shoe is streamlined to ensure that power is effectively transmitted through the shoe and into the pedal so all your hard work won’t be wasted. The asymmetrical strap closure preserves ankle flexibility for more effective cycling.

As far as comfort goes, you’ll really appreciate these shoes come the hot summer months. These shoes are optimized for moisture-nicking to prevent your socks from becoming sodden with sweat. Throw in generous cushioning and you’ve got a pair of shoes even the pickiest cyclist would be happy with. More details HERE.

Shimano Venzo Mountain Bike Bicycle Cycling SPD Shoes

Venzo Mountain Bike Cycling Shimano SPD ShoesAnother pair from Shimano, these are perfect for those long rides when your numb and sore feet start to slip out of the pedal – which is not only uncomfortable, but also potentially dangerous.

We’ve seen that clipped in pedals are starting to gain huge popularity among competitive cyclists for this very reason and these Shimano shoes come with compatible pedals and cleats to show off the best of Shimano’s highly acclaimed SPD clipped in pedal series.

Despite being clipped in, these shoes are designed to preserve maximum ankle rotation and are lightweight enough that you can still feel the pedal through the shoe, which is important for quick and responsive bike handling. With their snug fit and superb breathability, these Shimano cycling shoes are some of the most comfortable around. More details HERE.

The Best Women’s Cycling Shoes

My reviews of the following two women’s cycling shoes is largely down to good friends Jane and Susan – thanks ladies!

Shimano SH-WR35 Women’s Road Cycling Shoe

Shimano SH-WR35 Womens Road Cycling ShoeThis cycling shoe is one of the most comfortable shoes on the market. In fact, they’re positively luxurious. The synthetic leather shoe contains mesh uppers for superb breathability, keeping your feet cool in the summer. Moreover, the Velcro straps are specially angled to ensure a perfect fit for feet of all widths (hence their asymmetrical look) and prevent blisters. They also offer world-class protection.

The malleable insole, made specifically to fit women, ensures the sole conforms to the shape of your foot, which is crucial for effective impact absorption. Combine this with the glass fiber midsole plate, which provides support for the small bones of the feet and the ankle joints, and you have one of the finest specimens of cycling shoes around. They’re not cheap, but they’re packed with modern features and well worth the money. More details HERE.

Pearl iZUMi Women’s W All-Road II Cycling Shoe

Pearl iZUMi Womens W All-Road II Cycling ShoeCycling is a surprisingly high-impact sport, especially if you’re cycling over uneven terrain (and hey, you can even do some damage to your muscles on an indoor trainer!), and the best cycling shoes absorb shock effectively to prevent injury to your leg joints and feet.

When it comes to such protection, these Pearl iZUMi shoes are the ones to beat. Injuries to the instep are the most common, but these shoes stave off such injuries with an anatomic closure and a SELECT insole widely acclaimed for its arch support. What’s more, the built-in power-plate has a concave shape, allowing it to better redistribute pressure on the arch along the entire base of the foot. If you are susceptible to foot injuries, these shoes are definitely a vital investment. More details HERE.


Cycling shoes should be one of the first additions to any cyclist’s arsenal of cycling accessories. As you’ve seen, the very best cycling shoes not only boost your performance, but can also have major benefits for your safety and comfort!

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