Use your trainer to fight that nasty ol’ COVID-19 (Coronavirus)!

With COVID-19 running riot across the world, and with governments fast putting self-isolation policies in place, it could be time to hide away in your man cave and start pedaling your way to a super-charged immune system!

OK, you don’t necessarily need your own dedicated space to set up a bike trainer, but if you ever needed a reason to get training – or for those of you just thinking about purchasing a trainer – COVID-19 has surely done enough damage worldwide to get even the laziest of you out there back in the saddle. Of course, with gyms already shutting up shop worldwide, hopping on to your indoor bike stand really could be the ideal solution for keeping fit during this period!

You might be aware of what the Coronavirus can do to your body – unless you’ve been hiding away in that man cave for some time already – but getting that immune system back into shape is definitely a good thing, especially if you’re from one of the demographics at risk. As we’re certainly not medical professionals, head to the official CDC site for more precise info.

Stressing about COVID-19 isn’t going to help you either – stress can weaken our immune system, with higher levels of cortisol and adrenaline known to have a terrible impact on our immune system. So instead of stressing, one of the very best ways to banish all that pent up tension is to exercise. And, of course, we can’t think of a better way of exercising than getting on your stationary bike stand!

To get you up and running cycling, we’ve collected a number of posts below for you to enjoy. Some of them will give you some great training tips, while others will provide the inspiration for splashing out on an indoor bike stand if you haven’t already…

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