How indoor cycling sessions can ramp up your sex life!

OK, many of you out there are riding your trainer for a number of reasons: you might be trying to keep fit, lose some of that winter fat, or just love getting in the saddle. But did you know that cycling (outdoors or in) can do some wonders for your sex life?

OMG, we did it, the sex word was uttered…

You’ve probably already encountered it, but that rise in oxygen levels your blood receives after a good training session is producing a whole lot of intense feelings that mean, well, to put it bluntly, more sexual energy.

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Naturally, if you’re out on your bike (or indoors on your trainer) regularly, we’re presuming you’re in fairly decent shape, which probably does no harm whatsoever when it comes to attracting the opposite sex.

And even better for the fit and healthy (and loved); research by the Wellness Institute at Cleveland Clinic shows that the average male who has 350 orgasms a year lives FOUR years longer than those who orgasm based on the national average, which is around a quarter of that (350/4 = 87.5)! The research also indicated that if you’re really up for it, 700 orgasms a year might mean extending your life by up to EIGHT YEARS!

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If you were worrying about the ladies, don’t! The same research shows that those who have regular orgasms had less of a risk of getting ill, and tend to have a lot more energy, a lot more energy than those ladies who weren’t having orgasms…

It’s no real wonder that there is a marked improvement in your sex life and sexual energy when you take a look at some of the factors that come into play after a cycling session:

  • Blood is pumping through your body: We know that cycling is awesome for really getting to grips with your cardiovascular!
  • If you’re working on your stamina, expect enhancements to your staying power between the sheets: If you’re working on endurance training, you can expect to tire less easily, which keeps everybody happy in bed!
  • Your legs & buttocks are going to be looking mighty fine: After some period in the saddle, whether indoors or out, you’re bound to notice your improved new look – and yes, so will others!
  • Release those endorphins: Whenever you’ve wrapped up a training session, just know that you’ve released a whole load of endorphins, which will help have you feeling pretty darned good. Oh, and also help arousal. Oh wow.
  • Enhanced confidence: After finishing another indoor training session on your bike, there’s a distinct possibility that you’ll be feeling great about you and the new enhanced you. And if you feel it, others will notice it.

Ride carefully and enjoy yourselves (indoors and out)!

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