Maintenance tips for your stationary bike trainer

We’ve been asked a number of times for some maintenance tips for your new stationary bike stand.

Let’s be honest, many of the higher end models, such as the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine or the CycleOps Fluid 2 Trainer, pretty well maintain themselves, especially if you look after them well.

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But even these great models could do with a bit of maintenance now and again, just to keep them in tip top condition. So we’ve collected a few top tips for you below just to help you maintain your trainer, which can generally be applied to whatever model you have:

  • Clean the Roller: This can be a very simple step, but can often be the root of future troubles. Simply get some window cleaner, or regular cleaning fluid with alcohol in it, smother some on a nice soft cloth, and gently rub the roller, moving it around as required.
  • Lubricate the L-Bolt: Take some drip chain lube and lubricate the thread of the L-bolt (the bolt that tightens the resistance unit).
  • Lubricate the Threaded Rods: Another element of your trainer that will require lubrication is the threaded rods that you fix your rear wheel to. Again, use the drip chain lube to lubricate both sides.
  • Tighten the frame bolts: Just to ensure your stationary bike stand is stable and in good working order, it’s always good practice to tighten the frame bolts, meaning the leg bolts and mounting bolt where the resistance unit joins the stand. These should be tightened periodically.
  • Store when not in use: To ensure your trainer doesn’t get dust-filled and accidentally knocked over, it’s always a good idea to store it away, if possible.

Happy Maintenance!

And the video below will also give you some visual pointers…

Feel free to hit us with questions if you have them!

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