How to ride a roller bike – FIVE awesome tips to help you train like a pro!

“Just how do I ride one of those roller bikes?”

Well, riding a roller bike stand isn’t the easiest thing in the world, and we know some of you (and us!) have struggled at the best of times to master these babies (here’s how NOT to ride a roller!), but a good friend of ours swears by his roller and gave us some excellent tips for success – check them out below (perfectly accompanied by even more tips in the video below).

Bear in mind that these tips are great, but rollers generally take much more getting used to – although many who ride them enthuse about the realism they offer and the extra balancing skills you gain over time.

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  • TIP 1: Find yourself a flat surface, preferably smooth, to ensure the roller doesn’t get too wobbly and unstable.
  • TIP 2: Lineup your front axle so that the front roller, when you prepare to ride the roller, goes just beyond it (or is just in front of it).
  • TIP 3: Probably the most important tip this one, make sure you have something to support/hold you on either side of the bike roller, especially when getting on the bike. A door frame is perfect, as it safely ensures you’re supported on either side and you can use it to lean into with your shoulders. Otherwise get a friend or partner to hold on to you, while perhaps standing next to a wall.
  • TIP 4: When you start your ride, ensure your gears are somewhere in the middle of the cog, so that you’re not in a too easy/too hard gear when starting off.
  • TIP 5: Once you’re safely on your bike, look straight ahead while riding, typically focusing about a meter ahead of the bike itself. Also keep your hands firmly on the handlebars, and most importantly – don’t stop pedaling! Stop pedaling and you’ll likely lose your balance very quickly and come crashing off…

There you go – success on a roller assured!

The clip below shows you how to do it like a pro…

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