FIVE awesome Black Friday deals that will save you some serious $$$

OK, we’re all after a good deal, and especially on Black Friday (and if you missed out on Black Friday, there’s always some great deals on Cyber Monday), when the world seems to go just that little bit crazier for a few hours! And let’s face it, it’s been a crazy ol’ world for  the last year or 2…what with Corona hitting us all hard, it’s time to spend some Black Friday dollars on keeping fit over the coming winter!

But hey, if the Black Friday craziness means we can save some serious dollars, then so be it…anyway, we’ve come up with some deals you should definitely take advantage of if you’re shopping online for a bike trainer stand or accessories on Black Friday!

The deals below are subject to change, as we have no control over the final prices charged, but we have done our best to find you the BIGGEST reductions out there in Black Friday week…and if you can’t wait to get your eyes on some of the best online Black Friday deals out there, just click the image immediately below!


Save $60 on this bestselling Alpcour trainer!

This bike stand from Alpcour has really been doing some amazing sales over the last year or so, and is extremely popular with reviewers – it’s ranked with well over 800 FIVE STAR reviews!

Seriously, what’s not to like? This superb magnetic trainer, with 6 different resistance settings and completely foldable, is typically priced at around $220. But click on the button below and you can save yourself $60! This is perhaps the perfect Black Friday deal for you or a loved one!

Current rating on Amazon: 4.4


Over $80 OFF!!! The Kurt Kinetic Road Machine

Kurt Kinetic Road Trainer Review

This bike trainer from the Kurt Kinetic product line is currently on sale with a bit of a nice discount, pulling it well under the $300 level! This one is one of the best in the business and at this price is pretty hard to beat. Not sure we can find a better deal than this online…and take a look at the average rating on Amazon – 4.8!

Current rating on Amazon: 4.8


40% OFF!!! The RAD Portable Indoor Trainer

RAD Cycle Indoor Stand

Another bike trainer from the RAD product line, this one has been around for awhile, and has proved to be one of those value trainers that many have splashed the cash on. It made our comparison table, if you want to see how it lines up against other trainers. Also priced at under $80, it looks like it this one has a slightly better online standing than other RAD trainers out there…read more here.

Current rating on Amazon: 4.0

Your savings: Almost $160!


Save over $100!!! The Conquer Indoor Bike Trainer

The Conquer Indoor Trainer is one of those trainers that has found its own little niche in the “best value trainer” corner. Rated highly on Amazon, and with plenty of happy customers, this trainer also made our list of (go read!) best value trainers under $80. Not sure you’re saving a heck of a lot this Black Friday, but it’s still one of the best value options out there.

Current rating on Amazon: 4.3


22% OFF!!! The Health Line Trainer with 8 resistance levels!

This one is a fairly new model and one that caught our attention due to its ground-breaking 8 levels of resistance! It looks like a great option for those of you starting out, and checks in at well under $100. With an all steel frame and those 8 levels of magnetic resistance, plus some happy online reviewers, at this price and with this discount, it’s a win-win. Read more here.

Current rating on Amazon: 4.1

Your savings: $24!


Don’t miss our collection of the very best trainers out there this year!

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