The Akonza Magnet Steel Trainer: another super-value bike trainer to consider!

akonza magnet trainerIf you’re looking for a professional and affordable stationary bike stand, then the Akonza Magnet Steel trainer is one well worth considering.

So, I admit that it’s not the best trainer on the market, but it ranks highly when it comes to value for money, and if you’re new to all this, this is one trainer that is truly accommodating for beginners (and there are some very decent trainers out there for beginners). This is a much better alternative to many of the average stationary trainers out there, largely thanks to a more realistic ride provided by its seven dynamic resistance levels.

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What’s to like about the Akoza Steel trainer?

Firstly, it is an effortless setup.

Although the instructions that come with it aren’t the best, it is still straightforward when assembling due to the Quick Release mounting system. It might be beneficial if they updated the guide or even made a tutorial video, as I’m aware a few people online struggled with understanding the guide. This being said, it’s actually really simple to put together.

Accustom your bike to your needs with the enclosed skewer and you can be up on your bike within a matter of minutes. It also comes with a handy front wheel riser block for a smooth setup process which made it convenient for me as I usually struggle with these things, yet had no issues with this.

The Akonza’s extra wide frame means it has been extremely reliable and stable whilst in use and you don’t need to worry too much about moving or veering whilst training. This comes in handy when riding next to your TV, which I am guilty of!

The trainer is priced at under $70 (we’ve also seen it dip below $60!) which is way cheaper than most other “brand” training units on the market at the moment. It’s certainly a wise investment for beginners, as it will up your biking confidence and motivation to get as many uses out of it as possible. It’s easy to hop on at any time for a quick stress release; alternately, its powerful enough to train on for a more serious session.

One tip: place a yoga mat under the trainer to help with stability and to cut down the noise. Although it’s a relatively quiet trainer, you can further improve noise levels yourself by doing this. Having said this, when I first used it I thought the trainer was loud but after making a few adjustments to get everything in the correct place I am now able to hear my surroundings with ease and it’s not going to wake someone sleeping in another room.

The technical stuff

Here are some more extensive features to wow you…

  • It’s compatible with 26” to 28” and 700C tires, making indoor use appropriate for most mountain and road bikes in the comfort of your own home.
  • The small folding dimensions are 18.75″ (L) x 21.5″ (W) x 5″ (H), meaning that when you have had enough, just fold it away into any small space; you can easily put it behind some furniture or under your bed and you would never know it was there!
  • The resistance controller is mounted on your handlebars, enabling you to make straightforward and consistent adjustments.
  • The trainer is designed for bikes with quick release rear axle wheels.
  • The seven levels of resistance enable it to accurately mimic on-road riding so you have no excuses not to get on your bike if the weather isn’t so great outside!
  • It comes in TWO colors: black or blue.

Why should you buy the Akonza Magnet trainer?

If you are planning to get more serious with cycling and keeping fit over the off-season (winter!) then this is a great trainer to start with!

It’s priced around the $60 range, so compared with other indoor trainers on the market (it definitely gives the bestselling Magnet and Ohuhu trainers a run for their money!) this is extremely good value for money considering all the positive aspects we experienced with it. In the long term, it will definitely make you a more confident and stronger cyclist, so we can definitely recommend this as an all-round, budget-friendly, must-have trainer!

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