Personalize your bike with these awesome custom name stickers!

Pegatin Custom Name Stickers

We recently came across these great customizable name stickers to personalize your bike and thought we should share with you all as we love ’em! Created by Pegatin from the UK, these custom name stickers simply allow you to create a batch of white or black-based stickers (you’ll have to work out which ones suit your bike), complete with the …

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The Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll Pivot Trainer: Realism supreme!

Kinetic Rock and Roll Trainer

The Kinetic Rock and Roll Trainer is well worth your time and consideration if you’re looking at the ultimate realistic indoor bike training session. UPDATE: The Kinetic Rock n Roller also now comes in an awesome smart-tech version, well worth considering! We’ve been fans of the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine ever since we purchased it some time ago, and this more advanced …

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