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Add a reading rack to relieve the bike training boredom!

Reader Rack Nashbar

It’s easy to cycle for long periods when you’re cycling outdoors. The warm sunshine, the chirping birds, the wind whistling past your ears…all this makes a wonderful backdrop to your cycling session, and you feel like you can go on for hours! Sadly, cycling indoors is a whole different story. Being completely honest, It’s hard to stay focused when you’re …

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Massage those post-training muscles with the amazing Travel Stick!

The Stick Massage

I think we all want to challenge ourselves and get those muscles burning. At least I know I do. However, frequent and vigorous cycling sessions can take their toll on your body – if you’ve ever spent a whole day limping around because of a cycling-induced calf or hamstring ache, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. I used to spend a great …

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The cycling season starts when…? (CARTOON)

Of course, if you’re looking to buy a stationary bike stand, it doesn’t matter when the season starts! It might be the height of summer when you read this, or deep into winter, it really doesn’t make a difference. Because whenever you set up your stand, the weather can do whatever it likes! You’ll be safe at home/in the office, getting your training session …

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