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The THREE bestselling stationary bike stands for 2014

There are some really great bike stationary bike stands out there, and since we know it can get a bit tricky determining what model suits your training schedule AND your pocket, we regularly come up with lists of the bestselling bike stands, just so you know what others like you are searching for and spending their hard-earned cash on…

We’ve previously reviewed the EIGHT trainers we feel you should be looking at in 2014 (see the updated list for 2017), but this little list is a collection of the THREE bestsellers currently online at stores such as Amazon. From our own experience, any one of these three should more than do the job.

Feel free to shoot me with any questions if you have them; and if you’re still not sure what kind of trainer you need, check out our list of the different types of bike trainer stands available today.

In no particular order…

The CycleOps Fluid 2 Trainer

Cycleops Fluid 2 TrainerThis trainer has consistently been in the top bestseller lists for some months/years, and clearly remains a firm favorite online.

And what’s not to like? It might not be the cheapest trainer around (coming in just under $300), but it really has become renowned for its superior quality. It’s very quiet, and also provides a great, realistic ride thanks to its large flywheel. It also uses a self-cooling mechanism to ensure you get even more life out of it!

If you need video instructions, check out our video of how to set it up, and if you want to read more, don’t miss our full review here.

The Superb Value Indoor Trainer Exercise Stand

stationary bicycle standIf you’re looking for excellent value, then this one has to be at the top of your list.

Good to go for 26 inch, 27 inch, and 700c bikes, this trainer stand from Conquer doesn’t have the big name branding behind it (like the other two stands in this article) but has proven very popular on sites like Amazon with hundreds of happy reviewers.

Its popularity probably comes with its amazingly cheap price tag (typically around $60), but it also has some very excellent features, including a sturdy (AND fold-able) metal frame,and its own riser block (for the front wheel, and which would usually cost around $15-20 online). It might be a bit noisier than the other two stands on this list, but hey, for that price…check out the latest deals on Amazon for this stand.

The Kurt Kinetic Road Machine

Kurt Kinetic Road Trainer ReviewThis trainer stand is one of our faves, and has been for some time. The fact that it is also almost always at the top of the bestseller charts simply reinforces our faith in it…

It’s good for 22 to 29-inch wheels, and might just be the perfect trainer for you and your training schedule. It’s a fluid-based trainer with a non-leaking magnetic drive system pretty much guarantees a leak-free session, however intensively you train. It’s also one of the quieter stationary bike trainers we’ve ever come across.

Again, not the cheapest option out there, but even at $300 it has proven a huge hit online. Read our full review here.


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A beginner’s guide to the different types of Stationary Bike Stands

Kurt Kinetic Road Trainer ReviewFor those of you looking to purchase a stationary bike stand (or indoor bike trainer), we know it can be confusing as to which type of stand you need to splash out on. We touched on it previously in this great introductory video (and here are three factors you have to consider when buying a trainer), but after receiving a number of emails, decided to give a quick guide to the various types available.

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Fluid Trainers

If you’re looking for the most authentic ride, one that imitates a real bike ride, then try a Fluid stand trainer. These types of stand generate resistance (resistance is what you’ll need if you really want to feel you’re working out) through a magnetic flywheel which combines with a fluid chamber inside the flywheel. As you pedal harder, the fluid in the chamber gets hotter, which means that the trainer’s resistance becomes more challenging as you continue.

Certainly more pricey (and technologically advanced) than most other types, these are perfect for the serious cyclist with a budget. They ooze quality and in our opinion are worth the extra you pay. The downside may be the cost factor, at least for some. Stories of leakage also abound, particularly with older models, but today’s current crop of fluid trainers should mostly be leak-proof.

One of our favorite fluid bike stands we can highly recommend is the Cycleops 2 Fluid Trainer, which we reviewed here. And, of course, there’s always the magnificent Kurt Kinetic Road Machine, perhaps the very best option out there.

bestselling bike trainers 2017

Magnetic Trainers

Next up, there are Magnetic bike stand trainers, which generate resistance with a magnetic flywheel, the adjustable magnetic resistance creating drag against the bike wheel. The pros and cons: well, on the plus side, magnetic trainers are fairly inexpensive, can give good resistance, and are generally easy to setup and move around. On the downside, there are limits to the resistance levels and sustained heavy use can cause some problems. You might also find that they create a little more noise than fluid trainers, a point those of you living in apartments may want to consider.

A good example of a magnetic stationary stand is the Magnet Steel Indoor Stand, which we included in our review of the best stationary bike stands for under $80.

Pivot Trainers

Certainly a more expensive option, these types of trainers give a very realistic ride, as you can rock your bike sideways to simulate a real road ride. These almost feel like Rollers (see below), with a natural swaying adding authenticity to your ride, including when you climb hills.

The only real Pivot trainer you should consider at this time (and it is still early days in this corner of the stationary bike stand world) is the Kinetic Rock and Roll Trainer. It’s not cheap, coming in at nearly twice the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine, but is perhaps the ultimate indoor ride! Check out Kinetic Rock and Roll Trainer review, it’s well worth a read if you’re looking for the ultimate ride indoors.


NashbarRollersAnother type of stationary bike trainer you’ll come across is the Roller. However, instead of attaching your bike to the trainer, as in the above models, you ride your bike on the rollers themselves. Not easy at first, you may well need some practicing in balancing! Definitely an option, and not overly expensive for good models.

The option you see on the right is from Nashbar and is highly regarded as a good value option, coming in at around $130. Check out our Top 5 bike rollers post for a guide to the very best rollers out there.

CycleOps The Silencer CassetteDirect Drive Trainers

One of the “new kids on the block”, direct drive trainers are a great option for serious cyclists looking to save some costs on replacing tires (those of you that spend a lot of time on your trainer will know that tires get eaten up). These trainers enable you to remove your entire back wheel and slot your chain right onto the trainer. It might mean a bit of extra work, but most bikes now come with a quick release, so is really only a matter of seconds. Some excellent options to consider here are the CycleOps Silencer and the Lemond Revolution 1.1.

Virtual Reality Trainer

If money is no object and you’re a serious cycling junkie, how about a virtual trainer, which practically turns you into a living PlayStation/XBox! They may make a serious dent in your wallet, but there’s no beating them. For an example of what we’re talking about, check out this video of the Tacx iGenius Virtual Trainer, it might just blow you away! You can find this amazing trainer on Amazon, but be prepared to part with upwards of $1000. Alternatively, we’ve recently come across the Bkool Pro Trainer, which is MUCH cheaper and to be honest, all you’ll need in a trainer – don’t miss our review!

Wind Trainers

To be honest, these are noisy (resistance is applied to the rear wheel using a pedal driven fan) and not worth the trouble! You won’t be able to hear the TV with these when working out, and frankly, if you’re offered one, steer clear!

Some Recommended Manufacturers

There are a number of established manufacturers in the stationary bike trainer world, including Kinetic, Blackburn, Bell, Cycleops, Jet Black, Giant, Overdrive, Schwinn, Outback, Elite, Tacx, Minoura, and Forza.

If you purchase from any of these, you’re moreorless guaranteed quality and good service, at least from our experience and those we know. If you ever experience anything other than good service, let us know!


The FIVE best stationary bike stands to keep you cycling through winter 2013-14!

With those autumnal evenings already kicking in, we thought it was about time we reminded you of some of the very best stationary trainers out there, just to keep your winter training session in gear!

With wet and windy weather soon on its way (hands up who’s missing the summer already?), there are, of course, a number of indoor biking stand types to consider, depending on your budget and preferences. In this post, we’ve come up with FIVE stationary bike trainers that we highly recommend, ranging from old popular models that are always big sellers throughout the winter, to a couple of newer models we’ve come across recently.

I’m pretty certain one of these will do a very fine job this coming winter – and as always, if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

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perfect for any keen cyclist (we originally wrote this for Christmas)!

Our fave: the quality Kurt Kinetic Road Trainer

Kurt Kinetic Road Trainer ReviewThe Kurt Kinetic Road Trainer is a fluid-based bike stand that really will have your winter biking sessions right on track. Its unique magnetic drive system ensures that, unlike other fluid-chamber stands, this one won’t leak. No need for the usual rings and seals that often break down with extended use – the Kurt Kinetic Road Trainer will keep on keeping on! It’s also a very quiet stand, very durable and stable, and fits wheels up to 29″. And although it’s one of the more expensive stationary bike stands out there, it’s also one of the very best.

Read our full review here.

The stationary bike stand that will keep the budget-conscious VERY happy

stationary bicycle standI think we’re all aware of how much the economy has been biting many of us very hard over the last couple of years (at least), so a budget friendly stationary stand is always a good thing, right? We did a review of the best bike stands out there for under $80, but the Indoor Cycling Trainer Exercise Stand shipped by CyclingForLess is a superb option from those we reviewed. Stable and durable, it’s also fold-able, a great plus for those with minimal storage space. It might be a little noisier than our fave the Kurt Kinetic Road Trainer, but it truly is really great value!

See our review of the best budget bike stands for under $80.

Quality for beginners and pros alike: the Blackburn Tech Mag 6

Blackburn Tech Mag 6If your budget can’t quite stretch to the Kurt Kinetic, but you want a little more than the budget option we listed above, then I’d highly recommend the Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Trainer. Priced at typically the $200 mark, this bike trainer is perfect for whatever level you ride at. With SIX levels of resistance, which can be easily adjusted from your handlebar, this is one bike stand we’ve enjoyed immensely (my son too!). Made of tubular steel, this trainer is also very hardy and stable, yet suitable for road and mountain bikes.

Read our full review here.

Regularly voted as top choice for pros: the 1Up USA

1 UP USA bike standA stationary bike stand that we’ve recently come across is the 1Up USA, a stand that has been regularly pulling in the top votes in online cycling forums (such as for the last few years. To be honest, this one you won’t find in online stores like Amazon (bit of a shame for those hoping on a seasonal discount), but it has proven very popular among pros and keen enthusiasts. A great reason to purchase this one is its Centrifugal Pressure Resistance, which many suggest gives a more realistic ride.

The stand costs around $300, and is shipped direct from the official website.

One for the biker who has everything: the Tacx Fortius

iMagic Fortius TacxIf you, or a loved one, is a biker that has tried and tested the various stationary trainer models out there, then consider the ultimate bike trainer, the Tacx Fortius! Coming in two versions, the iMagic and the Multiplayer, this bike stand comes at a price (over $1000) but uses Virtual Reality as part of a system that you literally plug in to, meaning you can turn your training session into the complete lifelike road session, complete with races against others!

The Tacx Fortius is definitely one for the serious biker, and one with deeper pockets. And our tip: try the cheaper iMagic model, which seems to have gotten better reviews on Amazon. Also see the official Tacx website for more.

Happy Biking!

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TEN awesome reasons why you need a stationary bike stand

Kurt Kinetic Road Trainer ReviewIf you’re still not sure why exactly you need a stationary indoor bike stand, here are TEN awesome reasons why you should be looking at one to supplement your training regime.

In no particular order:

  • A stationary bike stand can do a superb job of simulating your cycling experience. Depending on the model you choose, you really can push your experience (and stamina) to the limits, with levels of resistance to choose from on many models…
  • They offer tremendous value, since you don’t have to purchase a brand new training bike or one of those fancy indoor exercise bikes. Starting out at under $100, a stationary bike stand can really offer great value.
  • A stationary stand can provide you with awesome flexibility as you can choose when and where to exercise. Day or night, you can set your program as you wish, and yes, pretty much every stand out there can be moved as required. No more depending on the weather for a workout!
  • If your bike ever breaks down while training indoors, or you get injured, you won’t have far to go to get back home…
  • A stationary bike stand can be the perfect way to help injured riders rehabilitate. With the training schedule in your hands, recovery can be set at an easy pace, or whatever pace is required. Feel the pain? Just stop and relax – you’re at home!
  • They are also perfect for testing out new tweaks and adjustments you might have made recently to your bike. Need to tweak some more? Stop, tweak, and start riding again!
  • Watch DVDs while you train! One of the ultimate ways to get the best out of your training session is to enhance your training environment, and by enhancing, we mean going all out! How about watching some of the awesome training DVDs out there, such as the one we highlighted here. Alternatively, go for any blockbuster that grabs your fancy – and that will motivate you!
  • A stationary bike stand will eradicate those clashes with inconsiderate drivers out there. No more road rage to tackle, or even those annoying Sunday drivers.
  • If you’re a beginner, a stationary bike stand can enable you to get to grips with your bike before hitting the open road. It should save some bumps and bruises, and get you looking professional. OK, at least semi-professional.
  • Whatever your level of fitness and expertise, a stationary bike stand will help cyclists build their cardio fitness, as well as enhance speed and strength, while enabling any rider to refine their technique and riding strategy.

And while we’ve still got you, don’t miss the THREE things you really have to consider when buying a trainer.

Stationary Bike Stand or Indoor Bike Trainer?

This is a question many of you have asked us over the last few months – should I buy a stationary bike stand upon which I can attach my regular road/mountain bike OR should I buy an indoor bike trainer, the likes of which I can ride in my local gym?

We’ve always maintained that the stationary bike stand is the better option, because you can get a better feel for your training session. It’s your bike, your saddle, and there’s no real adjustments needed to get the perfect training session. On the contrary with the indoor trainers, because with these you’ll find you’ll need to adjust and you’ll constantly be trying to get the right “bite” in your session.

Both work excellently if you’re into your spinning and aerobics exercises. But as we’re more into our road cycling, the stationary bike stand has to be the winner.

If you’re looking for an awesome stationary stand, here are THREE of the very best we’ve tried and tested – just choose the one that suits your pocket and level.

Here’s a great video we found, which further explains our case for stationary bike stands…

YouTube Preview Image

What indoor bike stand should I buy?

This is one of the best videos we’ve come across for an overview of the basic types of indoor bike stand available on the market.

Nothing amazing, just a quick overview in less than two minutes. Watch out for the peeks at two of our favorite models, the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine and the Cycleops Mag Trainer.

YouTube Preview Image
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