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My review of the awesome value Ohuhu Magnet Steel indoor trainer

ohuhu magnet trainer reviewIf you’ve ever been tempted to purchase a stationary bike trainer but been put off by the price, the Ohuhu Magnet Steel Bike Trainer is the indoor trainer for you! There are a few great value trainers out there of course (here are three of the best), but this one from Ohuhu is ready to out-muscle some of those existing budget trainers this coming winter!

Some would say it’s also a direct copy of this bestselling trainer from Magnet, but there’s just enough of a difference in my opinion to give them the benefit of the doubt and actually class this one as a definite alternative.

This bike trainer really does deliver all of the bells and whistles found on trainers costing thrice as much, and with superb build quality besides!

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Why you’re going to like this great value trainer from Ohuhu

If you’re a keen cyclist, chances are you’ve experienced the misery of losing fitness during the off-season. It’s too much of a hassle to put on your winter gear for outdoor cycling, and even if you did, the snow and ice make cycling dangerous.

Even if you could drag yourself to the gym, those cycling machines just don’t cut it. Which makes indoor bike trainers an essential investment for serious cyclists, since they’re just about the only way to maintain fitness and technique during frigid winters. And yes, this Ohuhu Magnet Steel trainer was clearly built with your fitness goals in mind.

Unusually for a bike trainer at this price point (we’re talking around $80 but check online for the latest discounts), Ohuhu has included adjustable internal resistance settings, controlled via a bar-mounted remote. This gives you a multitude of indoor training options, ranging from punishing interval sessions to uphill sprint practice.

The resistance itself is produced by inbuilt magnets, so you know resistance changes are going to be smooth, quick and quiet. What’s more, at the top levels I found myself struggling to maintain a sprinting speed for more than 20 seconds, so even the fittest cyclist will find plenty to challenge himself with this excellent Ohuhu trainer.

Another important feature for vigorous workouts is the extra-wide frame. If you’re going for distance, stability is rarely an issue, but if you’re practicing your out-of-the-saddle posture or sprinting technique, cheap bike trainers will frequently sway side to side and may even topple over on you. The Ohuhu trainer, on the other hand, stays firmly planted. Its extra-wide, skid-resistance feet give it excellent balance while the heavy-duty frame makes for a reassuring steadiness.

I’m a heavy guy, but I feel completely safe on this machine. This also means the machine is extremely quiet, with none of the annoying creaking or thudding sounds that can often plague users riding on lower-end bike trainers. Coupled with the nearly silent magnetic resistance wheel, you’ll definitely have no complaints from housemates or neighbors.

If, like me, your apartment is a little short on space, you’ll probably want to pack your indoor trainer away between uses. This makes portability a vital factor. The Ohuhu cycle trainer boasts a foldable frame, and while it certainly is weighty enough to provide great stability, it’s not so heavy that you might slip a disc just trying to heave it into a cupboard. It’s really rare to find a heavy frame with this degree of portability.

I also have to mention the amazing compatibility Ohuhu has brought to the table with this versatile magnet cycle trainer. They’ve included an adjustable knob at the back of the magnetic flywheel which allows the machine to accommodate a wide variety of bicycle tires. I have three bicycles in the house (I know, I’m a total addict) and even my massive mountain bike tires with its 27.5” wheels fit comfortably into the trainer (if you have a 29er, you might want to read this). This is crucial since trainers that are a tight fit for your bike can really rip up your wheels, and as we all know bike tires are getting more expensive every year. With micro-adjustability, Ohuhu ensures that you can achieve a comfortable fit for almost any bike.

One last thing – this trainer also comes with its own riser block, a great bonus that would typically set you back another $15-20). Which, at this price, makes it even more awesome value.

Something to take into consideration…

If pressed to name a downside, I’d probably say that this trainer isn’t the easiest to assemble. The instruction manual was a little sparse on detail, so it took a fair bit of trial and error to get the trainer set up. I had plenty of help, however, from Ohuhu customer support, which provided a prompt and concise response to my queries (I was a little confused about the function of certain bolts and screws as well as the assembly of the dynamo), which considerably sped up the process.

Moreover, assembly is a one-off problem, so I wouldn’t be too worried about it. Set up in an hour or so and maybe enlist a friend’s help if you’re not that great with tools, and you’ll have your Ohuhu Magnetic Bike Trainer set up in no time at all.

In summary: great value, great trainer!

I think the Ohuhu Magnet Bike Trainer is that rarest of products – a high-end bike trainer priced like a low-end product. It offers great value to the discerning cyclist, and is an excellent purchase for shoppers on a budget. There aren’t many trainers that we’ve had the pleasure of saying that about, so yes, highly recommended! And yes, it also makes our Top 5 trainer list for 2017!

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Superb value from the Bike Lane Pro Trainer: our review

Bike Lane Pro trainerMost of us have had our cycling plans wrecked by inclement weather at some point or another, hence the world of the indoor bike trainer (and this website)! And when you start looking at some of the fancier trainers on the market to help you get past those wet winters, it can get a bit hair-raising, to say the least.

When you come across a great value trainer like the Bike Lane Pro, priced at typically just under $100, then those hairs can surely stop raising! This trainer has to be one of the best mid-range indoor trainers around, combining top-notch build quality and attractive modern features into one affordable package. It might not make our list of budget trainers under $80, but it’s definitely on the short-list.

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What’s to like about the Bike Lane Pro?

Well, first up, it’s rare to find bike trainers that are both portable and sturdy. Foldable stationary bike stands tend to be a little rickety and fragile while sturdy ones are far too heavy to take on your travels. The Bike Lane Pro Trainer strikes that rare balance between portability and stability. It weighs in at just 22 pounds and folds up easily to fit inside your luggage.

At the same time, the separated extra-wide legs provide a stable platform for your vigorous workouts and the fantastic build quality makes for a very sturdy frame indeed. They say you can’t have your cake and eat it, but this bicycle trainer is clear evidence to the contrary.

It’s also clear that this indoor bike trainer was designed with the customer’s welfare in mind. It comes with adjustable foot pads so you can enjoy a stable ride even on uneven surfaces. The set-up process was very quick, intuitive and easy.

Finally, the manufacturers have thoughtfully included both a release skewer and riser (which again, is a rarity), making this a very comprehensive indoor bike trainer package at a great price.

A quick summary of what you’re getting from the Bike Lane Pro:

  • State of the art internal magnet ensures that when you start pedaling, the resistance slowly increases.
  • Increase resistance by shifting the gears on your bike.
  • Portable: Weighing only 22 pounds, it can be folded away for travel and storage.
  • Super stable, with extra wide legs and a sturdy frame.
  • Easy to setup – and includes its own riser block (for the front wheel).

But how does the Bike Lane Pro ride?

All the advantages we listed above would be for naught if the riding experience was substandard, but we’re happy to report that the Bike Lane Pro Trainer delivers one of the smoothest and most enjoyable indoor bike training experiences we’ve seen from a mid-range bike stand.

The resistance changer is easy to use and changing up or down feels smooth and natural, ensuring your cycling training session is seamless from beginning to end. Moreover, with five resistance settings, you won’t be forced to settle for a resistance setting that’s too easy or overstretch yourself on one that’s too difficult. This bike trainer has something to offer veteran cyclists and biking novices alike (though if you’re after something very pro-level, you really should try one of these). We also found that this stationary trainer did a respectable job of simulating the sensation and challenges of outdoor road cycling.

In addition, while magnetic resistance trainers tend to be noisier than their fluid-based counterparts, the noise produced by this bike trainer was by no means intrusive. If you use smoother road bike tires (as we always recommend – the knobbly mountain bike treads will churn out some noise on any trainer), you’ll find that you barely notice the whirring of the flywheel at all.

So, does the Bike Lane Pro give good bang for your buck?

The Bike Lane Pro Trainer is, simply put, one of the finest indoor trainers in its price range. It’s a solid all-round performer and its portability makes it a versatile choice.

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The awesome CycleOps SuperMagneto Pro Trainer: our review

CycleOps SuperMagneto Pro TrainerEvery once in a while, we come across a stationary bike stand that just blows us away, either because of its tremendous value or because it takes us to yet another level.

Without a doubt, the CycleOps SuperMagneto Pro Trainer belongs in this category. We’ve enjoyed our own CycleOps Fluid 2 a lot over the last few months, but the SuperMagneto Pro is definitely one to think about if you’re a fan of all things CycleOps. The SuperMagneto Pro combines industry-leading hardware – in the form of a durable Pro Series frame – with sophisticated software, in the form of its Flexible Power Curve technology, to create an indoor bicycle trainer that will please even the most jaded of critics.

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One heck of a riding experience

Fluid-based trainers usually offer a more realistic and challenging cycling experience than magnetic resistance stands, but the CycleOps Magneto Pro Trainer really challenges that preconception. Its Flexible Power Curve Technology allows cyclists to choose between four highly differentiated settings such as “Road”, which involves the use of a sharp resistance curve and greater inertia to simulate road cycling conditions, and “Mountain” which manages to convincingly replicate the grueling, thigh-blasting sensation of an ascent as well as the exhilarating feel of zooming down a steep decline.

>>> More about the resistance curve technology from CycleOps

This software is made possible by an innovative resistance mechanism which shifts magnets around an axis to alter the resistance curve. Resistance changes are incredibly seamless, acceleration feels thrilling and realistic and cycling on this trainer is, on the whole, very smooth. This stationary bike stand also does a fantastic job of simulating inertia as the each flywheel is weighted around its outer edge to ensure that your bike will continue to coast for a brief period after you stop pedaling – just as it does when you’re cycling outside.

Most magnetic flywheels are very difficult to start up again once you stop pedaling, which can really be a downer if you’re in the middle of an intense workout and just wanted to stop for a few seconds’ break, so this innovation by CycleOps is very welcome indeed. Unless you’re willing to shell out a very hefty sum for a virtual reality trainer, this CycleOps bike trainer is the closest thing you’ll get to a genuine outdoor cycling experience in the comfort of your home.

Here’s a quick look at those four training options…

The superb Pro Series frame

CycleOps biking products are known for their impressive lifespan, making it all the more remarkable that this trainer with its Pro Series frame actually manages to exceed expectations in that regard. It’s made out of the highest quality metal and plastic parts to ensure it’s both sturdy and lightweight (coming in at under 23 pounds). The latter quality is very much welcome considering the portability of this bike trainer has been heavily touted by its manufacturers. As advertised, this bike stand actually folds up really easily for storage or transport. The wide base has also been carefully designed for great stability, which will come in handy when you’re crouched over your handlebars and gunning for top speed.

User-friendly, even for beginners!

Many users, especially those with carpeted floors, complain they can’t get their indoor trainers to lie flat on their floor. That makes training dangerous because it affects the stability of your bike frame. However, the Pro Series frame addresses that complaint with its single-sided design which makes it easy for users to accurately level the trainer. The one-sided design also helps in installing or removing the frame and makes assembly virtually foolproof. You just need to set up the magnet and the frame attachment and you’re ready to roll.

Almost as quiet as a mouse…

Magnetic resistance trainers have a reputation for being noisy, but the CycleOps SuperMagneto trainer bucks that trend. The high-quality hardware makes it very quiet and unobtrusive, so you can train at any time of the day or night without disturbing your neighbors. Of course, as we always mention, a training tire will diminish further any of those excess wheel noises, especially if you ride a mountain bike – and if you’re really attacking your ride AND watching TV, you may well have to turn up the volume on your remote a notch or two!

Value for money – or breaking the bank?

Of course, all these amazing features come at a high price. The CycleOps SuperMagneto trainer is one of the most expensive magnetic trainers on the market, retailing at over $400.

However, for that luxury price, you get a GREAT cycling experience to match. In terms of realism, user-friendliness and durability, this product is sheer class, and class never comes cheap. If you’re serious about cycling and want an indoor bike stand to take your cycling training to the next level, the CycleOps SuperMagneto Trainer is a fantastic investment, and definitely a step-up from the rather more standard (well, for some!) CycleOps Fluid 2 (the CycleOps Silencer is also worth a look at, if you’re interested in direct drive trainers (meaning you have to remove the rear wheel)).

Schwinn Magnetic Bike Trainer: a fantastic alternative for the off-season

Schwinn Magnetic Bike Trainer ReviewA true cyclist never stops training. A champion trains as hard during the cold and dark winter months as he does during the warm and sunny summer months. Loss of fitness during the off-season has often hurt my early season performance, so I decided to adopt a non-stop year-round training regime by purchasing a stationary bike stand. My fellow cyclists highly recommended the Schwinn Magnetic Bike Trainer, so I decided to take their advice, and grabbed a second hand deal. I was never a big fan of indoor cycling, but you can now consider me a convert.

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Prior to my purchase of the Schwinn Magnetic Bike Trainer, my only encounters with indoor bicycle trainers involved cheap, supermarket-brand trainers that did virtually nothing besides locking your bike in place so you could cycle on the spot. That’s why this Schwinn indoor trainer was such a welcome sight. I love that it offers five resistance levels for progressive training. It helps me train harder because I have a goal to work towards and believe me, getting from one level to the next is not easy. I’m a seasoned cyclist, but I still struggle to cycle at high speeds on the fourth and fifth resistance levels. This awesome stationary bike stand has not only prevented my fitness level from stagnating during the cycling off-season, but has actually helped me improve my fitness levels.

I also love how quiet this bicycle trainer is. When I’m cycling outdoors, I’m never bored because there’s no shortage of things to see, ranging from birds in flight to little children playing. Cycling indoors is another matter altogether. Without any visual or aural stimuli, indoor bike training can get boring really fast. With lower-end bicycle trainers, it’s difficult to watch television or listen to music while riding because the bike stand produces a loud, high-pitched whirring noise that completely drowns out any form of entertainment. This is not a problem with the Schwinn Magnetic Bike Trainer. It isn’t completely silent, but the noise it emits is nothing more than a soft hum or purr. I can watch my favorite television shows and listen to my favorite tunes without any difficulty and that helps to distract me from my physical pain, allowing me to break new physical barriers in my indoor bicycle training.

Pros and Cons of the Schwinn Magnetic Trainer

Schwinn Magnetic Bike Trainer

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The only disadvantage of this trainer is its weight. If you’re looking for a portable stationary bike trainer, this is certainly not the indoor bicycle trainer for you. Although it folds up for easy storage, its heavy duty metal frame makes it a pain in the neck to carry. However, as its solid metal frame makes it sturdier and more stable, I can deal with the trainer’s lack of portability.

As far as stationary bike stands go, it’s affordable (usually selling at around the $100 mark), performs extremely well and is a fantastic alternative for serious cyclists in the off-season.

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