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The ULTIMATE guide to bike trainers and accessories this winter

indoor cycling this winter!

It’s that time of year again, when those cold nights draw in and the motivation to get on your bike really takes a bit of a beating. But it doesn’t have to be that way, honest! With a little guidance from us in regards to the best trainers and cycling accessories, you’ll be pedaling away like a pro in no time!

Our website sees a big upturn in traffic over the winter months, and has turned into something of an authority in the indoor trainer market over the last couple of years. We know which trainers work, which trainers generally suck, and also know how to get the best out of your training sessions, whether you’re struggling to stay motivated or are desperate to shed those excess holiday pounds as you pound away at those pedals in your very own man cave.

For your winter training pleasure, we’ve collected some of the best trainers and accessories out there in a little list below – get ready to enjoy your winter sessions!

  • The BEST trainer money can buy
  • The BEST all-round trainer suitable for beginners and pros
  • The BEST VALUE trainer (for less than $80)
  • THREE must-have accessories
  • Cycling shoes to ramp up your cycling skills

The BEST trainer money can buy

PowerBeam Pro 2015We recently compiled a breakdown of the three best trainers money can buy (for those of you less worried about a budget and more intent on getting the ultimate training experience), and the trainer we feel we have to recommend here is the rather tasty CycleOps PowerBeam Pro, which comes with support for ANT+ devices (rather than the version which supports Bluetooth devices).

You could go for the great value Elite Real Axiom trainer, or the nifty BKool Pro trainer too, as both also support virtual training, but the CycleOps PowerBeam Pro has to be your weapon of choice if you’re looking for something top-notch.

It also comes with a top notch price of around $1000, but for those of you investing in your cycling, this could be the best few $$$ you ever spent. The trainer comes with an integrated PowerTap power meter, plus a Mini ANT+ USB stick lets you control the resistance from your computer as you follow the virtual course on your laptop/TV/tablet. Definitely ramps up your training to the next level!

Read our full review HERE of the CycleOps PowerBeam Pro.

The BEST all-round trainer suitable for beginners and pros

Cycleops Fluid 2 TrainerIf you’re not looking to drop a thousand bucks on something top-notch, then how about the awesome CycleOps Fluid 2 trainer? We purchased the revamped model last year and have been delighted with the results we get in our training.

It’s perfect for beginners as it’s simple to setup and get started with, but also great for pros with its new, larger flywheel for an improved road-like performance, and an infinite resistance curve that increases the power output as you increase speed.

Typically priced at around $300, this one is highly recommended by us; if you’re looking for alternatives, the awesome Kurt Kinetic Road Machine is also worth a mention, as is the CycleOps SuperMagneto Pro (a magnetic based trainer, but with technology to match the very best of the fluid-based trainers (more about the differences between fluid and magnetic trainers here)).

More HERE about the Fluid 2 trainer from CycleOps.

The BEST VALUE trainer (for less than $80)

Magnet Steel TrainerWe know that many of you are also looking for a great value beginner trainer, before you start spending the bigger bucks on a more fancy model. We’ve been there too, and fully understand…which is why we can safely recommend the Magnet Steel trainer.

We’re still not sure quite how they do it, but this trainer is regularly priced at under $60 and there are a ton of happy customers out there – and it’s also an Amazon bestseller!

It’s a great trainer to get started with, has a great price tag and also five resistance settings that are more than enough for a beginner-like level of training. It’s also pretty solid, and surprisingly quiet. The only thing we will say is that you get what you pay for… so don’t expect a virtual trainer package complete with computer controlled resistance!

If you’re still not impressed and looking for an alternative, don’t miss our guide to the best trainers under $80.

THREE must-have accessories

There are a whole ton of cycling accessories out there today (you might want to check out our Top 10 accessories for Christmas), but we’ve decided to whittle down the list to three musts.

First up, we can’t recommend a training mat highly enough. As well as the fact that they can protect your floor from scratches and even your salty body sweat, they also help to reduce noise greatly and provide a stable base for your training. The best one we’ve come across is the Kurt Kinetic floor mat, which is priced around $60. Others come in cheaper, but for pure looks and quality, the mat from Kurt Kinetic won us over completely (it’s also a perfect match for their awesome trainers). Check here for some alternative options.

kinetic trainer mat

Next up, we’re going to recommend the rather awesome Travel Stick, a massage stick that goes to work on those tired muscles you’ve been tormenting during your training sessions. It’s an innovative little stick that comes in a variety of sizes, and starts at under $20. However, the winning element for us was it’s physiological effects; the Travel Stick is fitted with round plastic rings that do an excellent job of alleviating crippling muscle aches which can lead to long-term injuries. Easily usable and easy to take with you, this is a great option for winding down from an intense session. More about the Travel Stick HERE.

travel stick the stick

Lastly, you’ll need the CatEye Strada Wireless cycling computer, which is great for knowing what you’re doing in your current session (if you’re not using a virtual trainer with all that data displayed on your laptop/tablet/TV automatically). And in this generation of touch-screen technology, we want quick access to all the relevant info – the CatEye Strada fits the bill perfectly! Together with its touch screen interface, it also has a great sensor that measures cadence, current speed, max speed, average speed, 2 trip distances, and elapsed time! It also fits on any handlebar or stem. Costs around $80-90. Read more here.

cat eye strada 2016

Cycling shoes to ramp up your cycling skills

Pearl iZumi Mens ShoesLet’s be honest here, many of us will probably think that a pair of sneakers will be more than adequate when training indoors. No-one’s looking, there are no roads or muddy tracks to worry about, so hey, why the heck not?

Well, indoor cycling shoes might seem a little extravagant, but a pair of the right shoes will take your training session to the next level…you might not be aware of it, but the correct footwear is going to have a big role to play because cycling stresses your lower body in a very different way from running and you need footwear specifically designed to counteract that stress.

So yes, the correct shoes are an essential investment for any cyclist who takes their training and performance seriously. We’ve covered some of the very best options out there in this little guide,but if you’re going to go with something like the Pearl iZUMi Men’s All-Road II shoe, or the Shimano Venzo Mountain Bike Bicycle SPD shoe, you’re very definitely on the right track. And your feet will thank you much later!

TEN cycling accessories any cycling fan will want in their Christmas stocking!

With Christmas on the way, it’s time to list some of those cycling accessories you or your loved one has been dreaming about recently!

We’ve come up with TEN awesome accessories that will squeeze into any Christmas stocking (well, almost!), but more importantly, will have any cycling fan beaming on Christmas morning. Ranging from must have accessories to complement any riding session, to the more luxurious, we’re sure you’ll find something to keep that cycling fan happy and that man cave expertly equipped!

christmas gifts cyclists

You may well have taken a peek at our list of five recommended stationary bike stands for the upcoming winter – if not, it’s well worth a read! If budget isn’t an issue, check out these THREE trainers – the best money can buy. And if you’re limited budget-wise, check out our guide to the best indoor trainers for under $80.

In no particular order…

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch

polar heart monitor

For the cycling fan that wants to keep abreast of what’s going on inside their body, this heart rate monitor watch from Polar is wonderful! A graphic display lets you know if you’re burning fat or improving aerobic fitness, all during your real-time session. And of course, there’s a calorie counter too. All on your wrist! Expect to pay around $70-80, it’s not surprising this one has been very popular on Amazon.
Read more here

Post-training relief with the Travel Stick

travel stick the stick

If you’re tired of giving your partner massages after an intense training session – or just want to spoil them, since, you know, it is Christmas after all – then this amazing device is for them! This massage stick is designed specifically for committed athletes/cyclists – and their tired partners! And don’t let the relatively nondescript name fool you – this is one of the most innovative products to ever hit the sports market, and at around $25 is perfectly priced too!
Read more here

CatEye Strada Wireless Cycling Computer

cat eye strada 2016

Most, if not all of us, want to know how far we’ve cycled and just how much we’ve got out of the current session, but as well as all that, we also want access quickly and easily, especially in this generation of touch-screen technology. This wireless computer from CatEye fits the bill perfectly, with a touch screen interface and an amazing sensor that measures cadence, current speed, max speed, average speed, 2 trip distances, and elapsed time! It also fits on any handlebar or stem – and perhaps more importantly, is one of the best cycling computers out there for home trainers. Typically priced around $90.
Read more here

Kurt Kinetic Floor Mat

kinetic trainer mat

In our opinion, a good floor mat is crucial for any indoor biking session. It might not be the sexiest Christmas present around, but they really do make a difference to the noise your stationary bike stand will make when you’re working up a steam AND they protect your floor from any scratches and wear and tear you’re likely to create. This one from Kurt Kinetic is a great looker, plus it’s very durable and rolls up nice and snug (to fit in that Christmas stocking!). Typically comes in at around the $60 mark and a perfect match for the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine and the Rock n Roller!
Read more here

Pearl iZumi Men’s All-Road II Cycling Shoe

Pearl iZumi Mens Shoes

Cycling shoes are another way to truly enhance your indoor (and outdoor) biking session. These shoes from Pearl iZumi are superb and incredibly light (they weigh just 370g). They are renowned for reducing pressure on your instep and  will give your foot much better overall support. Kind of vintage with its black leather look, this is a shoe very well made and one that you’ll love. Expect to pay around $90.
Read more here

Weather Resistant Smartphone Case

smartphone case

For those of you with a smartphone, notably the iPhone 4 or 5 (as well as other models of similar size), this superb little phone case sits perfectly on your bike. Our site is of course all about indoor biking, but the best thing about this case is that it’s totally weather proof coming with two Velcro straps, so you can also take it out and about! The clear window is made of clear polyurethane and enables you easy access to touch pad controls, letting you keep in touch with the office while you pedal away. Typically priced at under $20.
Read more here

Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves

Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves

Some of you might look at these and think yeh right, but compression leg sleeves are excellent for helping your legs and their blood circulation, and provide superb muscle support during training and recovery. Usually used by runners, these compression sleeves can really help you if you’re on long biking sessions, so we’d recommend them for the serious biker only, or those of you who suffer from sore calves easily (another great option for sore muscles is The Stick!). Priced around $40.
Read more here

Pearl iZumi Men’s Gloves

pearl izumi mens glove 2016

If you’re a serious cyclist, you’ll realize there’s nothing quite like a good pair of gloves to ease the pain of a long session on your hands. These machine washable gloves from Pearl Izumi are just the job. The gel padding helps take the sting out of your bike’s vibrations, so even on those long indoor sessions you’ll find them very useful. Recommended to go for a large size as they can feel small on largish hands. Usually priced at around $30.
Read more here

Pearl iZumi Mens Cycling Shorts

pearl izumi mens cycling shorts

We were always dead set against those slinky cycling shorts when we first started, but after getting convinced by friends, can definitely recommend a GREAT pair of cycling shorts to really enhance your bike workout: the Pearl iZumi Men’s Cycling shorts. It might sound technical but check this feature list out: six-panel anatomic design, silicone leg grippers, reflective elements for low-light visibility, and soft Select Transfer fabric with UPF 50+ sun protection PLUS superior moisture-soaking properties to keep you cool and dry. Expect to pay around $40-50.
Read more here

Camelbak Rogue Hydration Pack

camelbak hydration pack

For those of us cycling for any length of time or with any intensity, a hydration pack is always a superb option to have in your training arsenal. This awesome Rogue model has a 2L reservoir which can be refilled on the fly via the quick-release flap on the front of the pack. It comes in a variety of colors, and the straps are easily adjusted, so could be perfect for the he/she/child cyclist. There are also two external pockets where you can add small items like your keys or wallet. Typically will set you back around $60-70.
Read more here 

We hope this little list will brighten up Christmas for you and your cycle-mad loved ones!

Happy Christmas!

Personalize your bike with these awesome custom name stickers!

We recently came across these great customizable name stickers to personalize your bike and thought we should share with you all as we love ’em!

Created by Pegatin from the UK, these custom name stickers simply allow you to create a batch of white or black-based stickers (you’ll have to work out which ones suit your bike), complete with the flag of your homeland and your name. And if you’re not going to purchase them for yourself, don’t they make one heck of a birthday / Christmas present for the cycling enthusiast friend/family member?!

As a picture says a thousand words, here are some great examples of what they look like…

Pegatin Custom Name Stickers

Pegatin Custom Name Stickers

Pegatin Custom Name Stickers

Pegatin Custom Name Stickers

Nice, eh? And you can stick them pretty well anywhere you like, even on your helmet…

The stickers range in price from the very basic 11.99 Euros (that works out at just over $13 at today’s rates) for a pack of 10 black based stickers (suitable for light surfaces) to the professional ultimate pack, which will set you back some 40 Euros. Personally, I’d go with the most popular pack, which features 5 black and 5 white stickers, which are also in full color and laminated.

CLICK HERE to go and get your own!

5 BEST Indoor Cycling Shoes to ramp up your indoor training sessions!

A pair of indoor cycling shoes might seem a little extravagant, seeing as you’re set up to go at home or in the office, and perhaps you don’t really need all that extra expense, but seriously, a pair of the right shoes will take your training session to the next level…I’m not going to tell you how many foot sores and sore leg muscles (eased a little by this amazing muscle stick) I suffered before realizing I needed some decent footwear!

So yes, if you’re cycling using plain old running shoes, stop! Cycling stresses your lower body in a very different way from running and you need footwear specifically designed to counteract that stress. Cycling shoes are an essential investment for any cyclist who takes their training and performance seriously, and in order to make your hunt for the perfect cycling shoes a little easier, I’ve compiled this list of the best cycling shoes out there for both men and women.

The Best Men’s Cycling Shoes

Pearl iZUMi Men’s All-Road II Cycling Shoe

Pearl iZumi Mens ShoesThese cycling shoes from Pearl manage to pack an incredible number of protective features into one impressively lightweight package. That’s mostly down to a very clever choice of materials on the designer’s part – the power plate, for example, is made out of carbon fiber and nylon, which are two very light materials that are nevertheless effective shock absorbers.

Like the women’s version (see below), these shoes feature Pearl staples such as a SELECT insole for longitudinal and transverse arch support and a closure mechanism designed for a secure and versatile fit to suit feet of all shapes. Little wonder these Pearl iZUMi cycling shoes are preferred by so many competitive cyclists! More details HERE.

Shimano 2014 Men’s All-Around Road Cycling Shoes

Shimano 2014 All-Around Road Cycling ShoesThese Shimano cycling shoes are not just designed for maximum protection, but maximum performance as well. The base of the shoe is streamlined to ensure that power is effectively transmitted through the shoe and into the pedal so all your hard work won’t be wasted. The asymmetrical strap closure preserves ankle flexibility for more effective cycling.

As far as comfort goes, you’ll really appreciate these shoes come the hot summer months. These shoes are optimized for moisture-nicking to prevent your socks from becoming sodden with sweat. Throw in generous cushioning and you’ve got a pair of shoes even the pickiest cyclist would be happy with. More details HERE.

Shimano Venzo Mountain Bike Bicycle Cycling SPD Shoes

Venzo Mountain Bike Cycling Shimano SPD ShoesAnother pair from Shimano, these are perfect for those long rides when your numb and sore feet start to slip out of the pedal – which is not only uncomfortable, but also potentially dangerous.

We’ve seen that clipped in pedals are starting to gain huge popularity among competitive cyclists for this very reason and these Shimano shoes come with compatible pedals and cleats to show off the best of Shimano’s highly acclaimed SPD clipped in pedal series.

Despite being clipped in, these shoes are designed to preserve maximum ankle rotation and are lightweight enough that you can still feel the pedal through the shoe, which is important for quick and responsive bike handling. With their snug fit and superb breathability, these Shimano cycling shoes are some of the most comfortable around. More details HERE.

The Best Women’s Cycling Shoes

My reviews of the following two women’s cycling shoes is largely down to good friends Jane and Susan – thanks ladies!

Shimano SH-WR35 Women’s Road Cycling Shoe

Shimano SH-WR35 Womens Road Cycling ShoeThis cycling shoe is one of the most comfortable shoes on the market. In fact, they’re positively luxurious. The synthetic leather shoe contains mesh uppers for superb breathability, keeping your feet cool in the summer. Moreover, the Velcro straps are specially angled to ensure a perfect fit for feet of all widths (hence their asymmetrical look) and prevent blisters. They also offer world-class protection.

The malleable insole, made specifically to fit women, ensures the sole conforms to the shape of your foot, which is crucial for effective impact absorption. Combine this with the glass fiber midsole plate, which provides support for the small bones of the feet and the ankle joints, and you have one of the finest specimens of cycling shoes around. They’re not cheap, but they’re packed with modern features and well worth the money. More details HERE.

Pearl iZUMi Women’s W All-Road II Cycling Shoe

Pearl iZUMi Womens W All-Road II Cycling ShoeCycling is a surprisingly high-impact sport, especially if you’re cycling over uneven terrain (and hey, you can even do some damage to your muscles on an indoor trainer!), and the best cycling shoes absorb shock effectively to prevent injury to your leg joints and feet.

When it comes to such protection, these Pearl iZUMi shoes are the ones to beat. Injuries to the instep are the most common, but these shoes stave off such injuries with an anatomic closure and a SELECT insole widely acclaimed for its arch support. What’s more, the built-in power-plate has a concave shape, allowing it to better redistribute pressure on the arch along the entire base of the foot. If you are susceptible to foot injuries, these shoes are definitely a vital investment. More details HERE.


Cycling shoes should be one of the first additions to any cyclist’s arsenal of cycling accessories. As you’ve seen, the very best cycling shoes not only boost your performance, but can also have major benefits for your safety and comfort!

Our guide to the best bike trainers and cycling accessories you’ll need for Winter 2014-15


UPDATE: We have now published an updated version for this winter!

With winter fast kicking in, and those dark evenings getting colder and even longer, we thought it was about time we came up with a guide to the best indoor trainers and cycling accessories for the upcoming winter months.

We know there are a fair few of you out there who take your cycling seriously, and winter is the time when our website really sees some action; those of you looking to stay in shape over the winter months know that a stationary bike trainer is an awesome solution to beating those winter training blues (and also knock off some of those excess winter pounds)! Not sure about you, but just looking at the photo above gives us the shivers – take it inside ladies and gents, please!

Check out what we rank as the best indoor trainers below (you should also check out our Buying Guide, which compares nearly all the known models out there), followed by a quick summary of some terrific accessories that will only enhance your indoor training sessions this winter…

The Best Indoor Bike Trainers

We’re constantly checking trends, new models, and new variations of existing trainers, and have to say that the old faithful models are still doing the business.

Kurt Kinetic Road Trainer ReviewLet’s be honest, Kurt Kinetic will find it hard to top their top of the range Road Machine or Rock and Roller, however much they tweak and refine their existing line of models (this year, for the first time since 2007, they actually refined their designs a little bit, with a slight reduction in weight, rubber mountings instead of plastic, and more support for 29 inchers).

We’ve always loved their Road Machine (see our review here) and again, we recommend it highly if you’re looking for a quality trainer. If you’re looking for something just that little bit extra (and by extra we mean the ability to rock back and forth as if you’re hill climbing), then splash the cash on a Rock and Roller for a very realistic ride (see our review here). Both models aren’t cheap, but both are top, top quality.

Another couple of classy indoor trainers you should take into consideration are the CycleOps Fluid 2 and Cascade Fluid Pro. The CycleOps trainer comes with brand quality and has proven itself one of the best ever sellers over recent years; we can’t knock it and have enjoyed a number of sessions ourselves on this baby (see our review here). As for the Cascade Fluid Pro, we only came across this trainer this year but were very impressed; it automatically jumped into the “Highly Recommended” category (read more about why it impressed us so much here).

OK, OK, we hear you – not all of you have the cash to fork out on an expensive indoor trainer right now! And that’s why you’ll love this article we wrote on the best trainers for under $80. It’s proven way more popular than we expected, but in these times of economic uncertainty, that’s perhaps perfectly understandable. The one trainer from that article that seems to have been grabbed most of your attention is the Magnet Trainer – grab one while you can!

Must-Have Cycling Accessories for this Winter

When we started out training indoors many moons ago, we just slipped on some shorts and old sneakers and away we pedaled. Things have changed since then though, oh boy!

Bike Smartphone CaseThe pure number of accessories you can fork out on these days is incredible. From literally hundreds of specialized cycling shoes (for both men and women), to mats to place your trainer on, to countless numbers of gadgets that are all designed to enhance your training sessions, the choices are mind-boggling!

To help you out a bit, we wrote up an article on the Top 10 cycling accessories last Christmas, and we know that has helped many of you out. Check it out, there are some great shoes, smartphone cases and shorts on that list!

Personally, I’d have to whittle the list down to these must-haves:

  • Awesome personalized name stickers for your bike / helmet / whatever…
  • A great floor mat, preferably something like the Kurt Kinetic mat on the Top 10 list. This baby helps keep your floor clean, your bike even more stable, and yes, it even helps reduce the noise impact your bike will make during your training.
  • A decent pair of gloves; you just don’t realize how much stress your hands take on during a training session…
  • A sturdy, efficient and compact tire pump, such as the Serfas TPCG, which we reviewed here.
  • A lovely, sensuous masseuse to work those post-training aching muscles back into the land of the living. And if you can’t find anyone to fill the job, the next best thing has to be these awesome Travel sticks. They’ll get your muscles rejuvenated!


We hope this article has helped you out for the upcoming winter – if not, feel free to hit us with any questions by contacting us here.

Add a reading rack to relieve the bike training boredom!

Reader Rack NashbarIt’s easy to cycle for long periods when you’re cycling outdoors. The warm sunshine, the chirping birds, the wind whistling past your ears…all this makes a wonderful backdrop to your cycling session, and you feel like you can go on for hours!

Sadly, cycling indoors is a whole different story. Being completely honest, It’s hard to stay focused when you’re staring at a blank wall. Moreover, when you’re bored, you tend to focus a lot more on the aches and pains of muscle fatigue (you might want tone of these Stick massagers!), and in the long run this can lead to less productive training sessions. To avoid boredom, we’ve often used great music, and even some awesome training videos, but one of the best aids we’ve come across is the Nashbar Reader Rack to keep yourself entertained and well-read while training indoors!

Nashbar is known for making top-notch cycling accessories and this reading rack is obviously well-made and designed. The build quality is excellent, with the clamps feeling particularly sturdy. We’ve used cheap reading racks before and the clamps just broke off after a few months of use, but our Nashbar Reader Rack is still going strong. We also checked for scratches on our bike after removing the clamps and are pleased to report that we found none. We also found this bike reading rack fairly easy to attach to our handlebars. Some owners have reported that the product is less easy – but by no means impossible – to attach to handlebars of a mountain bike. We encountered no problems with our standard 10-speed handlebar, but mountain bike owners may want to take note.

Nashbar has also gotten the size of this reading rack absolutely perfect. It’s small enough to allow access to the gear shift levers, but big enough to accommodate all sorts of entertainment options. If you’re old-school like me and prefer hardcopy books and magazines, those fit securely in the reading rack. If you’re more of an ebook fan, Kindles and iPads also fit this rack just fine – you can cycle as hard as you want without having to worry that your precious tablet will fall off the rack and smash to pieces. Just remember that this bicycle reading rack is all-metal, so you’ll want to make sure your tablet has a protective case so it doesn’t get scratched by the rack. Some users have even reported that they can fit newspapers on the rack – we can’t figure out how they do that, but you’re certainly welcome to try!

In terms of its versatility, this Nashbar product gets a perfect 10/10 from us.

Staying motivated and focused when bad weather forces you to cycle indoors is no mean feat, but with the Nashbar reading rack, you can keep yourself entertained enough to push through the pain. You kill two birds with one stone as well – you can learn while exercising! That’s good news for busy students who need to work both revision and cycling practice into their busy schedules. From now on, we’ll be using this Nashbar Reader Rack for many of our indoor workouts.

The ultimate bike floor pump to keep your training sessions running smoothly!

Best Bicycle Floor PumpEvery dedicated cyclist needs a bicycle floor pump in his arsenal. It doesn’t matter if you’re only going to be using it on your bike trainer, those tires need to be pumped!

It’s difficult for us busy working adults to set aside time to train, and when that window of opportunity arises the last thing you want is to waste that time because of a flat tire. After rigorous testing of many pumps ranging in quality and price, I can wholeheartedly recommend the Serfas TPCG Bicycle Floor Pump as one of the most effective and reliable bike pumps out there.

Click HERE to see why over 700 people have rated this a FIVE STAR pump! 

Serfas TPCG: a truly classy floor pump

One of the most common complaints about cheap bike pumps is that they’re difficult (in some cases impossible) to fit securely onto the air valve of your bike tire, but I found that this wasn’t a problem at all with the Serfas TPCG.

If you’re used to DC-powered pumps, you might find that a little more force is needed to get the chuck over the air valve, but once it’s on, it grips the valve tightly and stays put even when you’re pumping vigorously. It’s worth mentioning that this Serfas floor pump is one of the most stable floor pumps I’ve ever tested. That’s probably down to its all-metal barrel and heavy nylon base, which provide a sturdy platform from which to pump up your tires.

This bike pump is also one of the most user-friendly I’ve encountered and the following features really impressed me.

  1. The pump action is incredibly smooth, and if you perform maintenance work regularly you should be getting plenty of mileage out of this floor pump.
  2. The 160 PSI capacity also ensures you get more air per pump, which is welcome news if you’re filling your tires right before a grueling training session or important race. The last thing you want to do is exhaust yourself pumping your tires before you’ve even got on the bike!
  3. I really appreciated the gauge interface which was highly intuitive and easy to both operate and read. Changing pressure settings was a breeze with this product.
  4. The valve pump head is very versatile. It’s a perfect fit for both Presta and Schrader air valves (the two most common brands of valve), so you won’t encounter any compatibility problems.

Finally, if you train frequently, you’ll be glad to know the Serfas TPCG is industry-leading in terms of durability. The build quality is obvious from the moment you take it out of the box and the simple valve is much less likely to malfunction than other types of valves. Serfas is so confident in the durability of its product, it’s issued customers with a limited lifetime warranty!

If I have one complaint, it’s that the gauge reading was occasionally unreliable, with the needle of the gauge remaining stationary for a few pumps before suddenly jumping to very different reading. This was a very sporadic problem, however, and seems to have ironed itself out (I only experienced it right at the outset) and given the TPCG’s otherwise excellent performance I’m willing to overlook this. In any case, in the highly unlikely case the problem persists, customers can always fall back on the warranty.

The Serfas TPCG floor pump is one of the most efficient bike pumps I’ve ever used and will be a worthy addition to the cycling maintenance arsenal of any training-obsessed cycling nut!

Need other accessories for your training sessions? Check out our Accessories section!

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