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FIVE awesome Black Friday deals that will save you some serious $$$

OK, we’re all after a good deal, and especially on Black Friday (and if you missed out on Black Friday, there’s always some great deals on Cyber Monday), when the world seems to go just that little bit crazier for a few hours!

But hey, if the craziness means we can save some serious dollars, then so be it…anyway, we’ve come up with some deals you should definitely take advantage of if you’re shopping online for a bike trainer stand or accessories on Black Friday!

The deals below are subject to change, as we have no control over the final prices charged, but we have done our best to find you the BIGGEST reductions out there in Black Friday week…and if you can’t wait to get your eyes on some of the best online Black Friday deals out there, just click the image immediately below!

Over $80 OFF!!! The Kurt Kinetic Road Machine

Kurt Kinetic Road Trainer ReviewThis bike trainer from the Kurt Kinetic product line is currently on sale with a bit of a nice discount, pulling it well under the $300 level! This one is one of the best in the business and at this price is pretty hard to beat. Not sure we can find a better deal than this online…and take a look at the average rating on Amazon – 4.8!

Current rating on Amazon: 4.8


40% OFF!!! The RAD Portable Indoor Trainer

RAD Cycle Indoor StandAnother bike trainer from the RAD product line, this one has been around for awhile, and has proved to be one of those value trainers that many have splashed the cash on. It made our comparison table, if you want to see how it lines up against other trainers. Also priced at under $80, it looks like it this one has a slightly better online standing than other RAD trainers out there…read more here.

Current rating on Amazon: 4.0

Your savings: Almost $160!



40% OFF!!! The Gavin Indoor Trainer

Gavin Trainer Black FriThis is a very decent fluid trainer, one of those trainers that people have been snapping up on the quiet. Ranked highly on Amazon (4.1 on average!), this one doesn’t disappoint, especially now it’s well under $70! If fluid is your game, the Gavin trainer could very well be your game this winter season – it also comes with its own riser block!

Current rating on Amazon: 4.1

Your savings: $60!



Save over $100!!! The Conquer Indoor Bike Trainer

The Conquer Indoor Trainer is one of those trainers that has found its own little niche in the “best value trainer” corner. Rated highly on Amazon, and with plenty of happy customers, this trainer also made our list of (go read!) best value trainers under $80. Not sure you’re saving a heck of a lot this Black Friday, but it’s still one of the best value options out there.

Current rating on Amazon: 4.3



56% OFF!!! The CycleTEK Momentum Fluid Trainer

CycleTEK Momentum Fluid TrainerThis one is a fairly new model and one that we’ve yet to get our hands on. But it does look like the classiest option on this list of Black Friday bargains (OK, the Kurt Kinetic above probably just beats it). For starters, you’ve got a big flywheel and a fluid chamber, ensuring a quiet ride, and which definitely makes it the quietest trainer on this list. It might well give the Kurt Kinetic and other top fluid trainers a run for their money, so well worth watching in the near future. Read more here.

Current rating on Amazon: 4.3

Your savings: $280!


Crazy bike trainer deals for Cyber Monday that will save you some serious $$$!

OK, we’re done and dusted with Black Friday and all the chaos that comes with it (have you seen some of those videos of crazy, bargain-hunting shoppers??). But there’s no letting up in the shopping bonanza – now it’s time for Cyber Monday and even more crazy discounts!

We’re not big fans of those scary bargain-hunters out there, so Cyber Monday is a superb alternative where we still get to save some serious dollars while shopping in the safety of our home. And yes, we’ve managed to find some seriously budget-friendly deals to take advantage of – especially if you’re shopping online for a stationary bike stand or accessories on Cyber Monday!

The deals below are beyond our control in regards to price, but we have done our best to find you the BIGGEST reductions out there…and if you can’t wait to get your eyes on some of the best online Cyber Monday deals out there, click on the image below to start shopping!

cyber monday deals

$80 OFF!!! The classic Kurt Kinetic Road Machine

Kurt Kinetic Road Trainer ReviewThis bike trainer from Kurt Kinetic has been one of our long-serving bestsellers for some years, with upgrades every couple of years or so making this a must-buy trainer to have on your shopping list! We’ve spotted it’s still on sale with an $80 discount (it was also on sale on Black Friday), so now it’s well under the $300 barrier, we can’t recommend this one highly enough! Check out our review to learn more – or just take the word of hundreds of happy buyers on sites like Amazon who rate this an average of 4.8 stars…!

Current rating on Amazon: 4.8


Save $20!!! One of the best in the business – the CycleOps Fluid 2 trainer

cycleops fluid 2 trainerIt’s not a huuuuge discount from the boys at CycleOps, but when we see ANY kind of a discount for a CycleOps Fluid 2, we highly recommend you snap it up! This is a great trainer, and one we’ve had in our arsenal of trainers for a long time, a trainer we’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of without barely a squeak. Simply put, this is one of the best in the business, and a bike trainer suited to almost any level of riding experience and skills. To find out just why we love this trainer read more here.

Current rating on Amazon: 4.4

Your savings: 7%


Save $30!!! The timeless CycleOps Mag!

cycleopsMagTrainerThis is another top quality trainer from a quality player in the bike trainer industry – the CycleOps Mag Trainer! It’s probably not at the same level as the CycleOps Fluid we mention above, but this is a classy trainer to get you started!  Provides excellent value for money – especially now it’s priced at around just $100! If you’re after a very decent mag trainer at a very decent price, you won’t go far wrong with this beast of a bike trainer!

Current rating on Amazon: 4.0

Your savings: 26%


Save over $90!!! The Schwinn Fluid Resistance trainer

schwinn fluid trainer reviewThis little beast from bike legends Schwinn could well be worth taking a punt, considering you’re saving over $90! We reviewed this trainer some months ago and were quietly impressed. With these extra savings for Cyber Monday, we’re even more impressed!

Current rating on Amazon: 4.0

Your savings: 37%


Save $100!!! The Nashbar Parabolic Rollers

nashbar parabolic rollersIf you’re looking for a roller trainer that will wipe the floor of other roller trainers (and hopefully not leave you sprawled on the floor like the guys in this video), then this huge saving of $100 may just be enough to convince you that these awesome Nashbar rollers are for you. We’ve listed another Nashbar roller in our list of Top 5 roller trainers, but this newer model from Nashbar is getting some rave reviews and is already rated at 4.9 on Amazon…

Current rating on Amazon: 4.9

Your savings: 37%


Another great value bike stand: the Sportneer Magnetic trainer!

sportneer magnetic trainerThere are a LOT of indoor bike trainers available on the market these days – and we’ve covered MANY of them on this site – and figuring out which one is best for your training program and pocket is always a tough task…however, with bike trainers like the Sportneer Magnetic Stand around, things get a whole lot easier!

There are a lot of things we can say about this trainer, but perhaps the best way to start is the fact that the Sportneer magnetic trainer will give you all the reasons to get up and get those muscles working again, whatever the weather’s throwing at you outside!

Coupled with the fact that it comes in at well under $100 (but not quite cheap enough to make our super-value under $80 trainer list), this is one trainer to definitely add to your shortlist.

Click here for the latest reviews & discounts on this Sportneer trainer!

Why we were impressed with the Sportneer magnetic trainer

It’s so comfortable to use! The resistance settings have multiple options (6 of them in fact!) so you can just choose which one you’re most comfortable with. Plus, this is one quiet bike trainer.

With a variety of resistance settings, you can choose to burn calories or get yourself ready for biking up hills and mountains, when the spring comes around again. The resistance curve really does cover pretty much all cycling conditions.

This trainer stand also features a wide base and low stance that just works exceedingly well. See, one of the biggest problems most people have with stationary bike trainers is that their base is either too narrow or their stance is at a ridiculous height. The Sportneer trainer has made sure it is comfortable enough for everybody. And because it has rubber feet, it can be as stable as it can get. No need to worry about accidentally damaging the floors or not being able to have a decent session because of a wobbly set of feet.

Among the best features of the Sportneer Steel Bicycle include its great compatibility with a lot of bikes. This gem can fit any typical road bike and an array of mountain bikes with 26 to 28 inch wheels.

And if you’re ready to actually hit the outdoors, releasing your bike from this bike trainer won’t be a hassle. It is literally as easy pressing down a lever clamp. Then you’re good to go!

Even more reasons to fall in love with this trainer…

This trainer from Sportneer, which is made from a combination of steel, ABS, and rubber, is also supremely helpful in training you for various cycling conditions with its six resistance settings. These settings will ensure you can be completely comfortable while giving you the option to push yourself out of your comfort zone and really see what you’re capable of.

Plus, shifting between the tension regulators is pretty easy as well. You don’t have to halt the momentum to adjust because even while riding, a tension regulator can be attached to the handles of your bike, which means you can change between resistance settings even while hitting the pedals.

The extended size of this product is at 22 x 22 x 15.5 inches. Even better, it’s foldable, with a folded size of 22 x 18 x 6 inches. This makes travelling with the Sportneer magnetic trainer effortless (or storing it away if you have limited space at home)!

If that’s not enough, this trainer is also available in red and black, just to spoil you even further!

Finally, if you’re looking for even more value, this trainer comes with the bike trainer stand itself, one front wheel block, one resistance remote, and a rear skewer for easier setup. Considering the fact that a front wheel block can cost at least $20, this is one sweet package!

What we didn’t like about this Sportneer trainer

Similar to any other trainer in this price range, there are things you need to consider with this one. First off, you may want to note that the instructions it comes with can be a bit vague, so YouTube is probably going to be your friend in this case.

Also, while we mentioned this product is a pretty silent bike trainer, that doesn’t mean it’s 100% noiseless. Noise reduction is totally different from complete quiet! Which is to say, if you’re planning to do some full-on training, you might wanna do it in daytime. As someone mentioned on Amazon: “I live on the 2nd floor and the neighbors below me can definitely hear it. It’s not much louder than a vacuum, but too loud for 6 am.”

Of course, this is applicable to almost every trainer out there, and why we always recommend buying a trainer tire AND a trainer mat.

In summary…

Overall, the Sportneer Magnetic trainer is a wise purchase if your goal is to be able to train even when at home and if you want to improve your cycling stamina and core-strength for the spring cycling season. Typically priced at around $90 and with a front wheel block included, this is definitely a value-packed trainer that should be in your man cave through the off-season!

sportneer magnetic trainer

8 ways to get the BEST out of your indoor training session!

stationary bike standWhile indoor bike training is not everyone’s idea of fun – let’s face it, we’d ALL rather be out on the open road – it can have its advantages. The main and obvious benefit is it’s just plain convenient, even for die hard road and off-road cyclists. Whether you’re stuck inside for the winter, too busy to go outside, or just prefer training indoors, there are ways to get the absolute best out of those sessions.

Here are our top 8 suggestions for getting the MAX out of your indoor bike training.

Allocate time for your indoor training

As we’ve suggested, time is often a reason people choose to train indoors. Busy modern lives and the logistics of urban living eat in to every 24 hours. So once you’ve decided to buy that trainer and train indoors, do not use time as an excuse to avoid it.

You can help make time by preparing in advance, so that everything you need is ready when you want to start your daily session (and you have less of an excuse to “forget” about that session). We can highly recommend spending a few minutes preparing for your next day’s workout, either straight after you finish, or the night before.

SEE ALSO: The 3 greatest ways to stay motivated for your indoor training sessions

Set goals

As you’ll probably be training at home, it is important to not think of your training session as another household chore or routine. Even if you’re training in a gym, the best way to get the most out of indoor sessions is to look forward to them. This will prevent you thinking of training on your indoor trainer as some sort of necessary evil.

Setting goals is a great way of looking forward to training sessions. They give incentive and motivation, especially if your memory of yesterday’s session is positive. Goals can be short and long term, as long as you think you can achieve them.

Get competitive!

A good way of setting yourself goals is to compete with others. This can also help with the feeling of isolation which sometimes comes with indoor training. By competing with other cyclists who are at about the same level as you, you can challenge yourself and add an extra dimension to your training.

Probably the best way of doing that during the off-season is virtually – there are a number of great virtual ways of competing, using apps based on gaming technology. These are immersive and may help your actual performance as well as helping achieve goals. Of course, you’re going to need a smart trainer to really get the most out of a virtual ride, but they really are the new breed of trainer and definitely worth considering!

Eat properly

Maintaining your blood sugar and energy levels is vital to keep you on track in your indoor training sessions. This means eating properly all day, rather than trying to time meals and snacks with your session in mind. As you are likely to train for up to an hour, at various levels of difficulty, your body needs to have a stable base level of energy to draw on.

Carbohydrates are essential for this and are best digested from rice and pasta. Red meat is unpredictable in terms of energy because it can be hard to digest. If you feel weak during a session, eat natural sugars such as those in fruit. For more great nutritional tips, check out our guide to some food essentials for indoor training.

Keep cool

You will burn a lot of energy during a training session, which means you’ll heat up. Unlike the outdoors, this heat has to be dealt with by artificial means. If you overheat, this could even lead to fainting; but even just sweating too much will dehydrate you, which can have a serious impact on your well-being.

As well as sipping water every 10 minutes, make sure your environment can deal with that perspiring brow of yours. Modern gyms will be well ventilated, but if you’re at home, you should definitely use a fan next to your trainer (as any proper man cave should have!).

Dress right

Another way to keep cool and comfortable is to dress correctly. Again, unlike riding outside, indoor training sessions mean constant contact with your saddle. Most trainers won’t really let you stand up, free wheel and let the breeze caress the stresses on your body (although the Kurt Kinetic Rock n Roller does an awesome lifelike job!), so comfort really is the key.

So yes, padded shorts are a must for indoor training. On your upper body, remember you are indoors and will more than likely sweat like a champ. Wear something light and thin to help dissipate this and your body heat.

Train in intervals

One of the main differences between outdoor cycling and indoor training is the distance. The main focus of indoor training is to increase your fitness levels rather than see how far you can ride. Interval training enables you to push yourself over short spells. These should vary in intensity, giving your whole body a great workout over your session.

Keep yourself entertained!

Certainly one of the major complaints we’ve heard about riding indoors is the boredom. It really has put some people off , especially at home, where the repetitive nature of cycle training can let the mind wander.

Our golden tip: if you are training alone, make sure you have your favorite music or other entertainment at hand (some of the options on our top accessories list might be right up your alley). Make this one of the first things you prepare for, so that it’s ready to go when you are. This could also be a decisive factor in motivating you to keep the training sessions going, especially if you’re one of those that struggles without the wind ruffling around your ears!

The FIVE best stationary bike stands your money can buy this Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching (and doesn’t it seem to get here quicker every year!), it’s absolutely the right time of year to think of the perfect indoor bike trainer for your – or a loved one’s – new training regime!

We’ve pretty much tested them all out there (and spent years reviewing them on this website), so to save you a whole lot of time and stress we’ve come up with a list of the very best indoor trainers to buy for Christmas, the ones that really will bring a smile to anyone and everyone on Christmas morning!

And yes, no matter your budget or skill level, there’s a bit of everything for everybody on this little list; we’ve got budget trainers perfect for beginners that come in under $70, and top of the range smart trainers that will set you back over $500 – but that pack an extremely professional punch for those in need of it…

With one of these trainers in your new training regime, start expecting some very decent results…

Our top tip for Christmas: the awesome CycleOps Fluid 2 trainer!

Cycleops Fluid 2 TrainerOUR TOP CHOICE

This classic bike stand from the boys at CycleOps has been an old stalwart in our training regime, ever since we purchased the refurbished model in 2016. It’s simply superb at what it does best, which is keep you in shape over the winter months. It’s not the fanciest bike trainer out there, but definitely isn’t one of the cheap and budget-friendly options either, being priced at around $300. And heck, it’s also recognized as the bestselling indoor trainer in the US, so there’s a few more of you out there that have been impressed already…

Make no mistake, this trainer is a classic and perfect for the beginner AND semi-pro cyclist. Trust us on this, you’ll enjoy those indoor training sessions on this one – it really is one of the best indoor trainers to buy for Christmas!

Read our full review here.

See the latest deals and discounts for the Fluid 2 on Amazon HERE.

The perfect indoor trainer for the beginner: the budget-friendly Ohuhu Magnet Steel trainer!

best bike trainers 2017OK, so if you’re a beginner – or buying a Christmas present for someone who you’re not sure really needs all the bells and whistles of the latest and greatest bike stands – this stationary bike trainer has to be on Santa’s shortlist. Simply put, you can’t get much better value than this, as it typically comes in at under $70.

Even at that budget price, you still get a heavy-duty frame that’s easy to fold up and thus store away, adjustable internal resistance settings that you control via your handlebar, skid-resistance feet to ensure absolute stability, and yes, it’s even surprisingly quiet! A definite one to consider for that Christmas stocking!

Read our full review here.

See the latest deals and discounts for the Ohuhu on Amazon HERE.

There are plenty of other great budget options out there, just in case you’re not fully convinced by this Ohuhu trainer; check out the best THREE bike trainers for under $80!

A classic revisited: the smart-tech Kurt Kinetic Rock n Roller!

best bike trainers 2017If a top brand in the indoor trainer game is what you’re after this Christmas, look no further than the classic Kurt Kinetic Rock n Roller. And it’s recently got even better, what with the introduction of a smart technology compatible version, which lets you track all kinds of data and performance metrics thanks to its inbuilt Inride Sensor (which works awesomely with the inRide app, which provides workout options and suggestions based on the data collected). This data can be critical for serious cyclists looking to tweak their training routine to the optimum.

With the riding experience truly one-of-a-kind – what other trainer lets you rock to and fro – and the ability to support almost any wheel size, don’t be put off by its $500+ price tag. Let’s face it, some of the top level smart trainers now come in at double the price!

Read our full review here.

See the latest deals and discounts for the Rock n Roller on Amazon HERE.

You need the ultimate performer: the CycleOps Silencer is what you need!

CycleOps Silencer ReviewTHE PRO’S CHOICE

If you’re looking to spoil yourself or a loved one this Christmas, the CycleOps Silencer is the one to buy. This beast is going to have a big impact on your training schedule – and provide real results!

It’s a sleek beast too, with a revolutionary off-wheel design in matte black alloy, as well as some very tasty clean lines in a very modern-looking chassis. But what really sticks out a mile is this trainer’s ability to give you a life-like riding experience – and oh yes, we almost forgot, the pure silence! Expect to have some intense riding sessions on this one (and we didn’t even mention the savings you’ll make on training tires!)!

Read our full review here.

See the latest deals and discounts for the Silencer on Amazon HERE.

Probably the best value smart trainer around: the Tacx Vortex Smart Ergo Trainer!

Tacx Vortex Smart ReviewOK, so if you haven’t already figured it out, smart trainers are definitely the next big thing in the world of indoor training. However, most are typically pushing the $1000 barrier, which makes this awesome value trainer (priced at under $500) from Tacx well worth a look!

Most importantly – and something that has proven a bit of a problem for some – you’ll be able to get quickly connected to the smart app that comes with the trainer, meaning you can also access the now legendary Zwift, and other similar programs. Expect to crank up some serious intensity with this trainer too, up to an amazing 950 watts! There are some great things to enjoy about this one, including the amazing electro-brake system, and some awesomely accurate workout calculations.

Get smart this Christmas – get a Tacx Vortex!

Read our full review here.

See the latest deals and discounts for the Tacx Vortex on Amazon HERE.

Quick glance comparison

If you need a chart to help you compare the above models, try the table below, which summarizes the best indoor trainers to buy this Christmas, so you can see at-a-glance what ticks all your boxes before reading more about each trainer…

NOTE: The ratings are review ratings currently listed on Amazon

ImageModelProsRatingPrice Range
Kinetic Rock and Roll TrainerKurt Kinetic Rock and Roll TrainerThe ultimate realistic indoor riding experience, expensive but quality

Read our REVIEW

ohuhu magnet trainer reviewOhuhu Magnet Steel TrainerAdjustable internal resistance levels, quiet, skid-resistant feet, wide frame, excellent value.

Read our REVIEW

CycleOps Silencer ReviewCycleOps SilencerPerfect for pros with sleek wheel-off design, amazingly quiet, lifetime warranty from CycleOps!

Read our REVIEW

Cycleops Fluid 2 TrainerCycleops Fluid 2Infinite resistance, self-cooling, one of the best!

Read our REVIEW

Tacx Vortex Smart ReviewTacx Vortex Smart ErgoTrainerSmart technology, intuitive, electro-brake technology, best value smart trainer!

Read our REVIEW

TEN cycling accessories any cycling fan will want in their Christmas stocking!

With Christmas on the way, it’s time to list some of those cycling accessories you or your loved one has been dreaming about recently!

We’ve come up with TEN awesome accessories that will squeeze into any Christmas stocking (well, almost!), but more importantly, will have any cycling fan beaming on Christmas morning. Ranging from must have accessories to complement any riding session, to the more luxurious, we’re sure you’ll find something to keep that cycling fan happy and that man cave expertly equipped!

christmas gifts cyclists

You may well have taken a peek at our list of five recommended stationary bike stands for Christmas – if not, it’s well worth a read! If budget isn’t an issue, check out these THREE trainers – the best money can buy. And if you’re limited budget-wise, check out our guide to the best indoor trainers for under $80.

In no particular order…

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch

polar heart monitor

For the cycling fan that wants to keep abreast of what’s going on inside their body, this heart rate monitor watch from Polar is wonderful! A graphic display lets you know if you’re burning fat or improving aerobic fitness, all during your real-time session. And of course, there’s a calorie counter too. All on your wrist! Expect to pay around $70-80, it’s not surprising this one has been very popular on Amazon.
Read more here

Post-training relief with the Travel Stick

travel stick the stick

If you’re tired of giving your partner massages after an intense training session – or just want to spoil them, since, you know, it is Christmas after all – then this amazing device is for them! This massage stick is designed specifically for committed athletes/cyclists – and their tired partners! And don’t let the relatively nondescript name fool you – this is one of the most innovative products to ever hit the sports market, and at around $25 is perfectly priced too!
Read more here

CatEye Strada Wireless Cycling Computer

cat eye strada 2016

Most, if not all of us, want to know how far we’ve cycled and just how much we’ve got out of the current session, but as well as all that, we also want access quickly and easily, especially in this generation of touch-screen technology. This wireless computer from CatEye fits the bill perfectly, with a touch screen interface and an amazing sensor that measures cadence, current speed, max speed, average speed, 2 trip distances, and elapsed time! It also fits on any handlebar or stem – and perhaps more importantly, is one of the best cycling computers out there for home trainers. Typically priced around $90.
Read more here

Kurt Kinetic Floor Mat

kinetic trainer mat

In our opinion, a good trainer mat is crucial for any indoor biking session. It might not be the sexiest Christmas present around, but they really do make a difference to the noise your stationary bike stand will make when you’re working up a steam AND they protect your floor from any scratches and wear and tear you’re likely to create. This one from Kurt Kinetic is a great looker, plus it’s very durable and rolls up nice and snug (to fit in that Christmas stocking!). Typically comes in at around the $60 mark and a perfect match for the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine and the Rock n Roller!
Read more here

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Pearl iZumi Men’s All-Road II Cycling Shoe

Pearl iZumi Mens Shoes

Cycling shoes are another way to truly enhance your indoor (and outdoor) biking session. These shoes from Pearl iZumi are superb and incredibly light (they weigh just 370g). They are renowned for reducing pressure on your instep and  will give your foot much better overall support. Kind of vintage with its black leather look, this is a shoe very well made and one that you’ll love. Expect to pay around $90.
Read more here

Weather Resistant Smartphone Case

smartphone case

For those of you with a smartphone, notably the iPhone 5 (as well as other models of similar size), this superb little phone case sits perfectly on your bike. Our site is of course all about indoor biking, but the best thing about this case is that it’s totally weather proof coming with two Velcro straps, so you can also take it out and about! The clear window is made of clear polyurethane and enables you easy access to touch pad controls, letting you keep in touch with the office while you pedal away. Typically priced at under $20.
Read more here

Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves

Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves

Some of you might look at these and think yeh right, but compression leg sleeves are excellent for helping your legs and their blood circulation, and provide superb muscle support during training and recovery. Usually used by runners, these compression sleeves can really help you if you’re on long biking sessions, so we’d recommend them for the serious biker only, or those of you who suffer from sore calves easily (another great option for sore muscles is The Stick!). Priced around $40.
Read more here

Pearl iZumi Men’s Gloves

pearl izumi mens glove 2016

If you’re a serious cyclist, you’ll realize there’s nothing quite like a good pair of gloves to ease the pain of a long session on your hands. These machine washable gloves from Pearl Izumi are just the job. The gel padding helps take the sting out of your bike’s vibrations, so even on those long indoor sessions you’ll find them very useful. Recommended to go for a large size as they can feel small on largish hands. Usually priced at around $30.
Read more here

Pearl iZumi Mens Cycling Shorts

pearl izumi mens cycling shorts

We were always dead set against those slinky cycling shorts when we first started, but after getting convinced by friends, can definitely recommend a GREAT pair of cycling shorts to really enhance your bike workout: the Pearl iZumi Men’s Cycling shorts. It might sound technical but check this feature list out: six-panel anatomic design, silicone leg grippers, reflective elements for low-light visibility, and soft Select Transfer fabric with UPF 50+ sun protection PLUS superior moisture-soaking properties to keep you cool and dry. Expect to pay around $40-50.
Read more here

Camelbak Rogue Hydration Pack

camelbak hydration pack

For those of us cycling for any length of time or with any intensity, a hydration pack is always a superb option to have in your training arsenal. This awesome Rogue model has a 2L reservoir which can be refilled on the fly via the quick-release flap on the front of the pack. It comes in a variety of colors, and the straps are easily adjusted, so could be perfect for the he/she/child cyclist. There are also two external pockets where you can add small items like your keys or wallet. Typically will set you back around $60-70.
Read more here 

We hope this little list will brighten up Christmas for you and your cycle-mad loved ones!

Happy Christmas!

Best THREE stationary bike stands for under $80!

There are some truly great stationary bike trainers out there – we personally love the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine model – but for beginners and the more price-conscious shopper, we know there are a few of you out there looking for a great value bike stand.

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Let’s face it, as the economy bites many of us in the ***, saving some money is always a good thing. So, after getting a few questions from readers asking us about some cheaper options, we decided to put this article together.

There are a whole load of stationary bike stands dropping in under the $80 mark, and you can find many online at stores like Amazon, as well as other high-street bricks and mortar outlets (though it has to be said, we’ve struggled to find the variety you can find on the Internet).

Below are the best THREE stationary bike stands we know of and have seen, and that are also ranked well on Amazon by satisfied customers. Don’t forget to check out our comparison table for an ever-expanding list of bike stands and our unique summary of each and every one’s features.

NOTE: The bike stands below are suitable for 26″, 27″ or 700C wheels.

The Magnet Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer

Magnet Steel TrainerThis has to be the very best value stationary bike stand we’ve seen out there. Quite how these guys built this bike stand and sell it for typically under $50 we don’t know, but there are hundreds of happy customers who’ve snapped up this Magnet Bike Stand.

What makes it such a winner? Well, first of all, it’s cheap, and therefore perfect for beginners and the very price-conscious. It also has FIVE internal resistance settings (changeable from your handlebar, and which provides progressive magnetic resistance, meaning the resistance increases as the speed increases), is seen to be heavy duty (it weighs in at a solid 20 pounds) and is considered to be quiet too.

The instructions that come with the stand are notoriously bad, but if you follow the images you should be up and running in minutes (see our full review here).

See the latest deals for the Magnet Indoor Trainer on Amazon

Conquer Indoor Trainer Stand

stationary bicycle standThis superb value exercise stand is not a big brand name (in fact, it recently seems to have been branded by a new company called Conquer, who have additional models for sale online). But the fact there are numerous happy reviews on Amazon sends a clear message that a big brand name isn’t always everything.

Why is this stationary bike stand a hit? Well, this stand is also considered heavy duty (also weighing in at 16 pounds with NO cheapo plastic bits, it’s entirely made from metal) and also stable, while also being fold-able – great for storing away! The stand comes with magnetic resistance done in a single adjustment (you do have to get off the bike to adjust it). Another good selling point – it also comes with its own Riser Block (you’d typically have to spend another $10-20 on one of these).

The only drawback we can see with this stand is that it seems slightly noisier than, let’s say, the Magnet Exercise Trainer we describe above, but overall, is excellent value.

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Soozier Adjustable Magnetic Resistance Indoor Bike Trainer Stand

Soozier Adjustable Bike StandThe Soozier Indoor Bike Stand is another great value option we’ve come across recently. It also comes in at well under the $80, and you can even strike it lucky on some websites with deals pricing it at under $60.

The Soozier (as we like to call it) comes in at almost half the weight (11 pounds) of the above two bike stands, but is considered very stable and sturdy, and easy to assemble. This one also has five resistance levels, and as per the Magnet above the levels of resistance are adjustable via your handlebar. The noise levels are also considered very quiet, though we’d always recommend some good music to stick on your headphones or at least take your training session out on the patio/another room if others are nearby (mountain bike treads will always create a bit more noise). The stand is also easily fold-able, so can be stored away through those good weather months!

Definitely one to consider!

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All in all, the three stationary bike trainers above are ALL excellent value and each is an excellent option. You really can’t go wrong with any of them, and your training sessions are about to get started on the right foot (or pedal…)!

More trainers that just missed out on making this list because they’re a few dollars above the $80 limit is the bestselling Sportneer magnetic trainer, the great value Graber Mag trainer, well worth checking out, the superb Bike Lane Pro trainer, the Minoura B60D trainer, the Akonza Magnet Steel trainer, and the new kid on the block, the Ohuhu Magnet trainer, another excellent option that just hovers around the $80 zone…!