Blackburn Mag 6 Indoor Trainer: perfect for beginners and pros

Every professional cyclist I know owns an indoor bicycle trainer and it’s not hard to see why. Any cyclist who participates in competition on a regular basis needs to find a way to keep his/her fitness levels from slipping in the off-season. Buying a great indoor trainer is crucial in that respect.

I recently purchased the Blackburn Mag 6 Indoor Trainer for use by my whole family (we’re cycling nuts and even my son competes!) and have nothing but praise for this great cycling accessory. What really won me over was that the Blackburn Mag 6 comes in so very handy with its adjustable height and resistance levels.

Regardless of size or fitness level, cyclists of all ages can enjoy a fantastic cycling experience with this stationary bike trainer. The adjustable resistance level also allows me to engage in progressive training. When I first started out, I could only manage Level 3. Four months later, I’m proud to report than I can handle Level 6, the highest resistance level with ease. Having different resistance levels to choose from gave me a goal to work towards, motivating me to train harder in the grey and depressing winter months.

The Blackburn Mag-6 is also very hardy. The tubular steel frame can stand up to quite a bit of abuse and is rust-proof to boot. Moreover, the innovative magnetic resistance mechanism used in the Mag 6 Indoor Bicycle Trainer is much easier to maintain than traditional drive shaft mechanisms because it contains less moving components and is practically leak-proof. With our busy work schedules, none of us want to be wasting excessive time tinkering with our bike trainers, so the Blackburn Mag 6’s fuss-free construction is most welcome.

I was initially hesitant about buying this indoor bicycle trainer because of the slightly higher price (typically just under $200) but do not regret it one bit.

Pros and Cons

If Blackburn ever decides to make a second edition of this stationary bike trainer, I’d want them to make it exactly the same, except a little quieter. The only low point of my indoor cycling experience was the amount of noise produced. The machine was definitely much less noisy than most of the models I have tested and purchased, but did get a little loud on higher resistance levels and at faster pedaling speeds. Still, popping on a pair of headphones and playing some of my favorite songs at moderate volume was more than enough to drown out the noise.

Seriously, if you’re looking for a stationary bicycle trainer you can use in the off season, you really can’t go wrong with the Blackburn Mag-6 Indoor Trainer.

One other thing to win you over – the lifetime warranty!

For us, five stars out of five, and definitely one of the Top 5 we recommend for winter.

Schwinn Magnetic Bike Trainer: a fantastic alternative for the off-season

Schwinn Magnetic Bike Trainer ReviewA true cyclist never stops training. A champion trains as hard during the cold and dark winter months as he does during the warm and sunny summer months. Loss of fitness during the off-season has often hurt my early season performance, so I decided to adopt a non-stop year-round training regime by purchasing a stationary bike stand. My fellow cyclists highly recommended the Schwinn Magnetic Bike Trainer, so I decided to take their advice, and grabbed a second-hand deal. I was never a big fan of indoor cycling, but you can now consider me a convert.

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Prior to my purchase of the Schwinn Magnetic Bike Trainer, my only encounters with indoor bicycle trainers involved cheap, supermarket-brand trainers that did virtually nothing besides locking your bike in place so you could cycle on the spot. That’s why this Schwinn indoor trainer was such a welcome sight. I love that it offers five resistance levels for progressive training. It helps me train harder because I have a goal to work towards and believe me, getting from one level to the next is not easy. I’m a seasoned cyclist, but I still struggle to cycle at high speeds on the fourth and fifth resistance levels. This awesome stationary bike stand has not only prevented my fitness level from stagnating during the cycling off-season, but has actually helped me improve my fitness levels.

I also love how quiet this bicycle trainer is. When I’m cycling outdoors, I’m never bored because there’s no shortage of things to see, ranging from birds in flight to little children playing. Cycling indoors is another matter altogether. Without any visual or aural stimuli, indoor bike training can get boring really fast. With lower-end bicycle trainers, it’s difficult to watch television or listen to music while riding because the bike stand produces a loud, high-pitched whirring noise that completely drowns out any form of entertainment. This is not a problem with the Schwinn Magnetic Bike Trainer. It isn’t completely silent, but the noise it emits is nothing more than a soft hum or purr. I can watch my favorite television shows and listen to my favorite tunes without any difficulty and that helps to distract me from my physical pain, allowing me to break new physical barriers in my indoor bicycle training.

Pros and Cons of the Schwinn Magnetic Trainer

Schwinn Magnetic Bike Trainer
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The only disadvantage of this trainer is its weight. If you’re looking for a portable stationary bike trainer, this is certainly not the indoor bicycle trainer for you. Although it folds up for easy storage, its heavy duty metal frame makes it a pain in the neck to carry. However, as its solid metal frame makes it sturdier and more stable, I can deal with the trainer’s lack of portability.

As far as stationary bike stands go, it’s affordable (usually selling at around the $100 mark), performs extremely well and is a fantastic alternative for serious cyclists in the off-season.

Bell Motivator Indoor Bike Trainer: assembly free and with awesome magnetic resistance

Bell Motivator Indoor Bicycle TrainerCycling fanatics like me dread the onset of winter because with winter comes dark and chilly weather that prohibits outdoor cycling. In previous years, I was unable to sustain my fitness levels over the winter months and as a result, my performance in races held in spring suffered severely. Fortunately, that’s all a thing of the past. My wife (also a cyclist) bought me the Bell Motivator Indoor Bicycle Trainer for my birthday and it has allowed me to weather the winter months without any significant drop in fitness.

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Strangely enough for someone so interested in bicycle modification, I am absolutely terrible at product assembly. Whether it’s a wooden table or a toy robot, assembling products is an impossible task for me. That’s why I was so glad to discover that the Bell Motivator Indoor Bicycle Trainer does not require any assembly, giving it a significant advantage over many other more expensive stationary bike stands I’ve seen which require extensive assembly. I had this indoor bike stand up and running in less than two minutes.

When discussing indoor bike trainers, the most important question is, “How does this indoor trainer compare with outdoor cycling?” Well, the Bell Motivator Indoor Bicycle Trainer provides such a smooth and steady ride, it comes as close to outdoor riding as any stationary bike trainer I’ve ever seen. This is the first indoor trainer I’ve used that employs magnetic resistance and I must say that the motion really is much more fluid and natural compared to more traditional bicycle trainers.

The magnetic resistance also makes for added realism in the indoor cycling experience thanks to the progressive resistance mechanism which amps up resistance as your cycling speed increases. I’m always drenched in sweat and panting hard at the end of each indoor cycling workout and that can only be a good sign.

Although this Bell bicycle trainer is fold-able, I found it to be extraordinarily durable. Fold-able bike trainers are notorious for their short lifespans, but this trainer has lasted me a year with no problems whatsoever. If any problems do crop up, the product comes with a five-year warranty for defects in materials or workmanship. However, given the high quality of this indoor bike stand, I’m confident I won’t be using the warranty anytime soon.

Good bang for your buck?

Of course, at the Bell Motivator Indoor Bicycle Trainer’s relatively low price point (usually at just under $100), you wouldn’t expect a perfect indoor cycling experience. Definitely not in the quality league of the Kurt Kinetic Road Trainer, but definitely good value.

If I had to pick one thing to complain about, I’d say that this trainer could be a little quieter. At higher speeds, the whirr emitted by the machine is almost as loud as a vacuum cleaner. Still, as long as you don’t cycle late at night when your whole family is asleep, I don’t see this being a major problem. Plus, you can always use your favorite music to drown out the noise!

All in all, the Bell Motivator Indoor Bicycle Trainer provides excellent value for money. This stationary bicycle stand’s relatively small size belies its top-notch quality and I’m sure I’ll be using this indoor trainer for years to come.