How to set up your Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Trainer

After receiving a couple of emails with questions regarding how to set up your Kurt Kinetic Road Machine trainer (see our review), I decided to hunt down a video to show you exactly what’s what. In my opinion, there’s nothing quite like seeing a video for the perfect visual guide…and this video is perfect!

If you were looking for a quick video on how to insert the skewer into your rear wheel, see this great little video.


Maintenance tips for your stationary bike trainer

We’ve been asked a number of times for some maintenance tips for your new stationary bike stand.

Let’s be honest, many of the higher end models, such as the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine or the CycleOps Fluid 2 Trainer, pretty well maintain themselves, especially if you look after them well.

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But even these great models could do with a bit of maintenance now and again, just to keep them in tip top condition. So we’ve collected a few top tips for you below just to help you maintain your trainer, which can generally be applied to whatever model you have:

  • Clean the Roller: This can be a very simple step, but can often be the root of future troubles. Simply get some window cleaner, or regular cleaning fluid with alcohol in it, smother some on a nice soft cloth, and gently rub the roller, moving it around as required.
  • Lubricate the L-Bolt: Take some drip chain lube and lubricate the thread of the L-bolt (the bolt that tightens the resistance unit).
  • Lubricate the Threaded Rods: Another element of your trainer that will require lubrication is the threaded rods that you fix your rear wheel to. Again, use the drip chain lube to lubricate both sides.
  • Tighten the frame bolts: Just to ensure your stationary bike stand is stable and in good working order, it’s always good practice to tighten the frame bolts, meaning the leg bolts and mounting bolt where the resistance unit joins the stand. These should be tightened periodically.
  • Store when not in use: To ensure your trainer doesn’t get dust-filled and accidentally knocked over, it’s always a good idea to store it away, if possible.

Happy Maintenance!

And the video below will also give you some visual pointers…

Feel free to hit us with questions if you have them!

The Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll Pivot Trainer: Realism supreme!

Kinetic Rock and Roll TrainerThe Kinetic Rock and Roll Trainer is well worth your time and consideration if you’re looking at the ultimate realistic indoor bike training session.

UPDATE: The Kinetic Rock n Roller also now comes in an awesome smart-tech version, well worth considering!

We’ve been fans of the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine ever since we purchased it some time ago, and this more advanced stationary bike stand from the Kurt Kinetic family is one we’ve been salivating about ever since we spotted it a few months back.

It’s not a cheap option, and is often advertised around the $500 mark, but that extra few dollars might just be the best $$$ you ever spent! Check out the video near the end of this article for some more convincing!

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Getting a feel for the road is almost impossible to replicate indoors, but this Rock and Roll Trainer is the closest you’re ever going to get. Really. No bull. This trainer has a unique side to side rocking action that simulates those long hill climbs and engages those muscles that no other stationary stand can reach!

I don’t think there’s any question that this stand will make you a more complete rider, especially during those off-road months.

This awesome trainer employs both a Road Resistance unit and a unique rolling frame to mimic the natural movement of riding out on the open road. And don’t worry about wondering whether or not the resistance will suit you – you can adjust it as you need to ensure you get the right rocking motion suited to your riding style. The frame itself is superbly built, as you’d expect from Kurt Kinetic, it’s made of stainless steel and is 6.35cm in diameter, which you’ll find is larger than pretty much all the stationary trainers we’ve ever come across.

The flywheel on this Kinetic Rock and Roll trainer is also one of the heaviest around, coming in at 6.25 pounds (2.84kg), which is what really helps give that authentic riding experience, as the momentum builds when you’re starting to gain some speed, maintaining that speed, and even slowing down. Read more about the amazing Kurt Kinetic resistance unit.

All in all, the basics you need for any training session indoors are also here: the stand is very smooth, very quiet, and easily folds away for easy storage.

Kinetic Turntable RingWe’d also mention it’s probably worth buying the Turntable Riser Ring from Kinetic (click here to see and buy), just to go all-out on the authentic riding experience. The movement offered by this rising ring will complete your indoor training session to a T!

So, do you get bang for your buck with the Kinetic Rock and Roll Trainer?

Well, if you’re serious about your cycling, and want to get the ultimate ride during the off-season, complete with the real riding to-and-fro motion, then this is the bike trainer stand for you. It does cost a fair bit, but from our own experience with Kurt Kinetic bike stands, we have no doubts at all as to the quality you’ll be getting with this one. And, of course, it makes our list of best bike stands for 2014.

There are plenty of happy reviewers online with this Kinetic Rock and Roll trainer, from beginners to the more serious cyclists, so yes, plenty of bang for your buck!


The cycling season starts when…? (CARTOON)


Of course, if you’re looking to buy a stationary bike stand, it doesn’t matter when the season starts!

It might be the height of summer when you read this, or deep into winter, it really doesn’t make a difference. Because whenever you set up your stand, the weather can do whatever it likes! You’ll be safe at home/in the office, getting your training session in whatever the elements are throwing down in your neighborhood.

As we’re still in the throes of summer, check out our Top THREE bike stands for the season. As the fall approaches, watch out for our upcoming winter posts, including a review of some of the very best cycling accessories you’ll want in your Christmas stocking!

F2 Forza Trainer: a great value bike stand that won’t disappoint

Forza F2 trainer reviewYou might initially look past the F2 MAG Forza bike stand as a true option for your bike training program, but trust us, you really should take this stand seriously (and no wonder it ranks as one of our Top 3 buys for Spring and Summer and is constantly ranked by sites like Amazon as one of their bestsellers)!

It has a number of crucial elements that come right out of the box, starting with the first thing that ALL of us encounter – assembly. With the Forza F2, we’re not sure it could be any easier! None of us want to spend hours setting up our new bike stand, struggling with the removal of wheels, alignment, and getting started – but the Forza F2 really is easy and convenient to set up.

Typically priced at around the $100 mark, it really is terrific value. And you can always find discounts on sites like Amazon, as we’ve seen it on sale for less…

Click here for a 25% discount for the F2 Forza Trainer on Amazon

Another important factor when considering the Forza F2 trainer is the noise level – this bike stand lets you train whenever you want simply because it won’t disturb anyone else in the near vicinity! Other bike stands might be similarly priced (check out our Comparison Table for more options), but we doubt they are quieter than this one. A very persuasive factor for those of you who train at “unsociable” hours. Just be aware that the type of tire is also a factor – smooth road bike tires are anyway less likely to make as much noise as rugged mountain bike tires.

Gear transition is also nice and smooth, with well-balanced traction. Bear in mind that you may need an extension that you can buy here if your bike doesn’t have a quick-release back wheel. This adapter should suit almost all models, and is fairly cheap (under $10). Just not sure why it isn’t included in the main package.

Overall, the Forza F2 is a superb option for those of you training a bit each day, or 2 or 3 times a week. If you need something a bit more intensive and with more resistance (there are some who may need a little more resistance to their ride – we found it satisfactory), check out the mightily good CycleOps Fluid 2 Trainer (see our review).

So, does the F2 MAG Trainer give value for money?

At just around the $100 (sometimes just over, sometimes just under – it seems to depend on demand and the season) the Forza F2 trainer is superb value for money. Great quality, superb low noise-levels, and quick to set up. Perfect for the casual rider wanting to keep to their training program during those cold (or extremely hot) days.

Definitely a bike trainer we can recommend.

Best THREE indoor bike stands for Spring / Summer 2013

We have since updated the site with our guide to the bestselling bike trainer stands of 2014 – read it here.

With Summer well and truly here once again, now is the perfect time to once again think about purchasing an indoor bike trainer. Those days when you get hit by wet, cold bike rides could be (should be!) a thing of the past, especially if you’re serious about your biking.

The stationary bike stands we’ve chosen are the best of the bestsellers online at stores such as Amazon, and from our own experience you really can’t go wrong with any one of these…

If you have any questions, feel free to ping me! And if you’re still not sure of the type of indoor bike stand you need/want, check out this great introduction video.

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perfect for any keen cyclist’s Christmas stocking!

Kinetic Road Machine reviewKinetic by Kurt Road Machine Indoor Bicycle Trainer

I’m a firm believer in “you get what you pay for” and this indoor bike trainer is definitely worth the high price. Top of the range, it simply oozes class and quality. This is for all levels, but especially suitable for the semi-pros and even pro-cyclists. One of the best, and you can see why this constantly makes the best-seller list on sites like Amazon. Highly recommended for those of you looking for a top, top experience (this trainer also makes our Top 5 for Winter 2013 list).
Read our full review here…

Blackburn Tech Mag 6Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Trainer (not cheap but a GREAT option)

This Blackburn bike stand has become a big bestseller over the last couple of years and comes highly recommended by many. Not the cheapest option out there, but a superb choice for the serious amateur, and heck, even the serious cyclist too. The lifetime guarantee is also a big clincher for us (read our full review). This has also been the biggest selling stationary bike on this site.
Read more here…

F2 Mag Trainer ForzaForza F2 Trainer

This relatively cheap bike stand, usually priced at just under $100, has been a bestseller for some time and offers amazing value for money. This is one bike stand we’d highly recommend (see our full review) for the more budget conscious, yet serious cyclist. Probably the best value of the three we’ve listed here.
Read more here…


No matter which stationary bike stand you end up going for (even if it’s not one of these three above) we’d just like to wish you happy riding!

NEW: If you’re looking for excellent value and are wary about breaking the bank, especially as a beginner, you might want to read this: the THREE best stationary bike stands for under $80. In addition, we’ve also reviewed the FIVE best stationary bike stands for winter 2013-14.