F2 Forza Trainer: a great value bike stand that won’t disappoint

Forza F2 trainer reviewYou might initially look past the F2 MAG Forza bike stand as a true option for your bike training program, but trust us, you really should take this stand seriously (and no wonder it ranks as one of our Top 3 buys for Spring and Summer and is constantly ranked by sites like Amazon as one of their bestsellers)!

It has a number of crucial elements that come right out of the box, starting with the first thing that ALL of us encounter – assembly. With the Forza F2, we’re not sure it could be any easier! None of us want to spend hours setting up our new bike stand, struggling with the removal of wheels, alignment, and getting started – but the Forza F2 really is easy and convenient to set up.

Typically priced at around the $100 mark, it really is terrific value. And you can always find discounts on sites like Amazon, as we’ve seen it on sale for less…

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Another important factor when considering the Forza F2 trainer is the noise level – this bike stand lets you train whenever you want simply because it won’t disturb anyone else in the near vicinity! Other bike stands might be similarly priced (check out our Comparison Table for more options), but we doubt they are quieter than this one. A very persuasive factor for those of you who train at “unsociable” hours. Just be aware that the type of tire is also a factor – smooth road bike tires are anyway less likely to make as much noise as rugged mountain bike tires.

Gear transition is also nice and smooth, with well-balanced traction. Bear in mind that you may need an extension that you can buy here if your bike doesn’t have a quick-release back wheel. This adapter should suit almost all models, and is fairly cheap (under $10). Just not sure why it isn’t included in the main package.

Overall, the Forza F2 is a superb option for those of you training a bit each day, or 2 or 3 times a week. If you need something a bit more intensive and with more resistance (there are some who may need a little more resistance to their ride – we found it satisfactory), check out the mightily good CycleOps Fluid 2 Trainer (see our review).

So, does the F2 MAG Trainer give value for money?

At just around the $100 (sometimes just over, sometimes just under – it seems to depend on demand and the season) the Forza F2 trainer is superb value for money. Great quality, superb low noise-levels, and quick to set up. Perfect for the casual rider wanting to keep to their training program during those cold (or extremely hot) days.

Definitely a bike trainer we can recommend.

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